Mandy 13-03-17 02:19:37

Jolanda, Thank you so much for making this site. I was a huge ROS fan and was an extra big Robert Addie fan. I was so dismayed to find out rather recently he'd passed away a number of years ago. I've had a great time looking through all the archives. Thanks again for all your devotion and hard work. I appreciate it!

 Gosia 24-05-15 02:41:04

Hi Jolanda
Im so happy that i found ur site...great job.
Im a fan of Robert since I was hmmm about 12. My parents showed me Robin of Sherwood. Now im 19 and i think that im the youngest fan of RA ; p i hope thats not true i love him so much btw he is really a big part of my life..cos of him my life is better. Im happy that there are people like you Jolanda! Great respect! And regards from Poland

Henrike Metz 09-04-14 22:52:28

Hallo Johanna!Ich bin seid meiner Jugendzeit Fan der Serie! Besonders von Robert Addie!!! Habe letztes Jahr erst erfahren, daß er schon 10 Jahre tot ist! Ich war geschockt! Ich verfolge mit Freude Deine Homepage und hoffe, daß Du damit weiter machst! Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland Henrike

Jane 12-02-14 13:21:37

Hi JolandaThis site is a great tribute to the lovely Robert Addie. Sorry to have missed the tree planting.A great tattoo you have had done and your costume is coming along nicely!See you at the con!Jane

Kasia 10-02-14 20:37:26

Hi Jolanda
I would like to thank U for this web It's great to read U. I am very happy, that U rememberd about Robert's birthday hehe, wonderfull, I am as happy, as if those were mein
Once again THANKS, U are doing a great job!
Kisses Kasia

AnneMarie Foley 10-11-13 13:41:40

Hi Jolanda,

This is such a wonderful site, you`ve put so much work into it, and its great to connect with other Robert Addie fans. I don't know anyone personally who remembers him or who was a fan so its fantastic to come across this site with many other devoted fans as I was beginning to think I was a bit odd.

It was in R.o.s that I first came across him and what I thought stood out about him more than the other actors,was that he seemed particularity good at conveying emotion, the episode that was filmed at Chepstow castle comes to mind, with emotions in this case being fear and humility.
He had a particular talent in this area and I wonder if that what makes a great actor, which he certainly seemed he was.

I really wish I could come to the tree planting in Cirencester, as I`m only in West Wales (though Gloucestershire in my home county) but I have a son in school and even though its a primary school, they have got very strict about having the odd day off these days.

Seems a lame excuse when you are coming all the way from the Netherlands.

I will be thinking of you all though and at 2pm on 20th November, I will light a candle to remember him in solidarity with you all.

Good to see a great man remembered,

lots of love to you Jolanda x x

Best wishes AnneMarie x

Tanja 22-08-13 12:04:30

Hello Jolanda,

time for a new contribution to the guestbook!
Hey all you lazy visitors....with a look on the visitor-counter, the guestbook should have more than only two pages!
I have an eye on it every day now, to ensure, that I really will be the 10.000the visitor of the page.
I only think, messages aren´t long enough, because Sir Guy didn´t appeared yet, while I´m writing.
Also the new poll has already a good number of votes.
And the charity poll gained two new ones too.
The fantasy-style new lay-out is lovely and romantic with that unicorn in the green and with Robert, looking on it deep in thought.

Till soon, Tanja

Shirley 19-07-13 11:32:38

Hey Jo,
Gefeliciteerd met het 1-jarig bestaan van je Robert Addie site! Knap van je, want zo te zien heb je er heel veel tijd ingestoken. Op naar nog meer jaren! Succes ermee meis!

Tanja 16-06-13 09:39:55

Hi Jolanda,
You get my exclusive holiday greetings on your guestbook.
I cannot use my yahoo account at the moment and so I cannot go on the list, read your mails or post something. Always, when I want to log into my yahoo account, yahoo wants an answer to the security question, I've chosen, when I've opened the account, to verify, that I'm really the account holder. The question was "where did you spent your honeymoon?" and.....grrrr....I've forgotton the answer. I was never married and it was a total fantasy answer.
Please geet everyone from me and....hey....I even cannot vote in the poll yet. And usually I'm one of the first voters.
Are you reminding regularly?
I'm a little bit disappointed, that there was still no new plaque-text-suggestion added after Claire sent hers. We are voting soon.
And also no con news, no discount code....
Two days remaining and then....I'm heading back home. Do you hear my big "sigh"?
Again, please greet all my friends on the list. Have you already got my cards?
Dear Jolanda, that is it for now. See, or hear you soon.
All the best, Tanja

 IAN C 05-06-13 21:44:42

Great site Jolanda. The best site dedicated to the late great man himself. Thanks for keeping the spirit of Robert alive. He would be so proud of you. I look forward to seeing your future updates.

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