Tanja 25-02-13 21:48:38

the announcement looks great on the first page. I hope, it´ll attract a lot of fans. Big compliment....you´ve thought of the important details and really improved my document. And to plant a tree for Robert with having a certain amount left later for a charity of his heart....that would be great.

Uditha 22-02-13 04:34:14

hi Jolanda,

i was born in the year RoS was first shown on tv and loved the show when i saw it late 90s on tv (in Sri Lanka!)... i was watching some of the old episode online today and think Guy and the sheriff are probably the funniest characters and was shocked to hear that Robert was dead - may he rest in peace.

cool tat btw - love it! and the site is great


Claudia 15-02-13 17:11:46

Hallo Jolanda,Wat een prachtige website heb je gemaakt over Robert. Je kan zien dat je er veel liefde in gestoken hebt. Ik ben soms wel eens jaloers op al die mensen die dat zo goed kunnen (of Engels hihi) Maar goed, ik heb weer andere kwaliteiten. Nogmaals, hij is echt prachtig! Stukje bij beetje spit ik hem wel door. Engels leest toch wat moelijker weg dan Nederlands. Bedankt dat je dit met alle fans delen wilt.Groetjes,Claudia

Alison 17-01-13 22:28:32

Hi Jolanda!Just wanted to say again what a brilliant site this is, you must have spent such a long time compiling it, but I suspect it was a labour of love!I'm glad I have now seen a picture of your tattoo, I think its lovely and I'm so so happy you chose a picture of Robert rather than Guy.Your site is a wonderful tribute to a much underrated actor who was cruelly taken far too soon.Well done! x

Leila 17-01-13 02:33:28

I found this lovely site just in time to see the story and picture of your tattoo, which I love, so that's fortunate for me! Robert's talent was radiant and compelling - when he's on screen I just don't pay attention to anyone else - and I wish I'd known about him and about RoS years ago. Thank you so much for all of the stories, photographs, quotes and everything that you have collected to share with fellow fans.

 Jolanda 14-11-12 13:37:22

Dear Svetlana,

It feels a bit silly writing in my own guestbook. But I wanted to thank you for your sweet message and I did't recognize your name from Facebook or the Yahoo group, so I couldn't thank you there. Maybe you are on that but we've never spoken before.
I was very touched by your wonderful words.
Thank you so much!
I'm glad you like the site. Yes, I try to stay possitive and remember his talent and work in a happy way. Although he's passed way to soon, I like to think that he had a good life and made us happy with his great work.

Next tuesday it'll be 9 years since he's left us. On this site I will commemorate this day too.
The rest of we year I feel, it's up to us, all his great fans, to celebrate his life and work.
Thank you for your support.
And as you wrote so beautiful:

From my heart to yours,


Svetlana 14-11-12 01:46:38

Hi Jolanda! Thank you for this site, the talented lady praising her beautiful knight. You are very brave too, because it is hard to open feelings to others. You have special gift - to turn grief into something wonderful and creative. To me, his talent has proven like fireworks - short, yet bright and something special; moreover it has awakened talent in his admirers too.
From my heart to yours.

Tanja 02-11-12 23:47:54

Hi Jolanda,

I like your new friendly banner with the autumnal theme.
And can you believe it....l noticed today for the first time, that the little piece of a music sheet is a counter! I'm number 922 and 923 today.
So many visitors in that short time, this page is existing. And where are all the guestbook-cintributions? Too lazy to write, friends?

Till soon, Tanja

Lalita 27-09-12 19:57:37

Hi Jolanda. Loving your page here too and looking forward to many updates! TTYL

Shirley 20-08-12 00:07:18

Super mooi hoor meis! Wat een werk zal je er van hebben (gehad). Aan de hand van de website kan je zien dat het een passie van je is! Heel mooi gedaan.

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