Ryan Powell 09-05-11 21:33:50

Good afternoon. Thank you for providing such a wonderful website. I recently came from a family reunion on the other side of my family which sparked my curiousity on the Macranders. I believe the baby Josiah Don in the first picture ca. 1898 is my great grandfather. I plan to inquire with relatives to confirm and provide information on his decendents thru the 1900's and 4 generations later. Sincerely, Ryan Powell

Dear Ryan,
Nice to hear from You! All information is welcome! Perhaps You could also give information about Your link to the Macrander family?
Best regards, Frank

Stef Macrander 20-04-11 20:44:51

Leuk , Frank ... al die reacties op je mooie site . Doet me deugd .. al die complimenten aan jou te lezen .Dus .. ga door met je mooie werk !
je vader !

Diane Frances Dotts 21-03-11 03:39:01

My grandfather was Silas Frank Wood and my grandmother was Frances Wood (nee Dack). Based on the information I've read, they are included in the picture taken in Atchinson County, Missouri where my mother grew up. She was Pauline Frances Wood Dotts I would like to see the family tree if this is possible.

Thank youD F DottsSanta Fe, NM

Diane received a private message.

Pat Macrander 05-09-10 03:08:21

I marrried into this family. My husband Terry is the son of Max, who is the son of Harold Ross, who was son of John & Cora. Have some info about Harold Ross's side of the family.
Love the website. Terry & I learned alot. Thanks,

Hello Pat! Nice to hear from You. I would love to learn more about the branch of Harold Ross's descendants. By the way, what was the full name of the wife of Harold Ross? I have only the name Alpha. Perhaps You have more info of all the descendants? And old photo's? I also like to receive small modern photo's of all Macrander familymembers, I collect them. Best regards/hartelijke groeten, Frank Macrander, The Netherlands, Europe.

Rosemary Macrander (Nebraska, 18-08-10 18:03:04


This is a facinating website and I even have some pictures of my grandparents John David Macrander and Cora Mae Mumford Macrander when they were young. I have their wedding picture also.

Hello Rosemary,
What nice of you to leave a message on this guestbook.
I would like to receive copies of your photo's. And please tell me more about you. How are you related to the Macrander family?
I would love to hear from you.
Bye, bye! Best regards,

Joyce Macrander (Missouri, USA 18-08-10 18:00:28


I would like to sign up for access. This is a great web site. My husband Gary and our 2 sons and 2 grandsons are descendents of Dr. Jacob Macrander, John Albert, Frank, Lee, Gary, Kyle & Dan (sons), and Chris & John (grandsons)

Hello Joyce,
Sorry for my late responce. I was on vacation in France during the last 3 weeks. Please send me an e-mail (see website, contactpage), because clicking on the contactlink in this (new) guestbook is not working as it should be.
I would love to learn more about you!
Best regards,
Frank (Netherlands)

Webmaster (NL) 18-08-10 17:57:04


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De Webmaster.


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Petra (NL) 18-08-10 17:55:54

06/22/2010 05:44:30
hoi neef

Hoi Frank. Website ziet er prima uit.Heb je een mail gestuurd en hoop dat je die ontvangen hebt.

Cara Priel (USA) 18-08-10 17:54:26

04/21/2010 06:50:46
I would like to register

Michelle Macrander (USA) 18-08-10 17:51:06

04/27/2009 03:20:06
very interesting

I loved learning about my husband's heritage. It's great to know just exactly where he comes from.

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