Jane Norman 22-06-17 14:35:21

Hi Maxine
Went to Ealing Grammar with you. Have often visited you on Google etc. I won't forget our time together especially the party political speech you made on behalf of the Labour Party when you were 13/14 years old! Hope you and your family are well.

Love Jane x

Jim Rosenberg 03-06-17 21:49:32

The best of the best! I'm not a disco fan, your song a"Alright" is one of my favorites out of my teenage years to now!!!...
Jim Rosenberg ❤️🌹👍🏻👌🏼🤛🏼

Mark Lankford 19-05-17 05:47:04

Loved seeing you on PBS. You looked and sounded absolutely amazing. I just wish you could have sung all of your songs including "Turn to Me". Love your personality, voice and wonderful energy. I'm a huge fan of my disco diva!!!

Spencer Mohundro 20-04-17 02:37:15

Love your music! Miss ya

BK 29-03-17 19:09:49

Hi Maxine

Just saw you on the PBS special - you were the best !

Thom 24-03-17 04:17:32

I was fortunate enough to see you in Atlanta in 2004. You looked and sounded elegant. I still have 45 RPM recordings of Get right back and Lead Me On. Hope you are doing well. My best wishes to you..

GARY DEROUIN 24-02-17 21:56:36

Hi Maxine
Want to let you know I seen the movie Slapshot back in 77. When I heard your voice wow. I listen to the song all the time.

vhigge 22-12-16 23:32:50



Eileen Callinan 29-11-16 10:06:35

Hello Maxine!
Love your voice and great smile! Your website is very cool! Posted your reel to my FB page! Hope to see you live sometime soon! All the best for you!
Your past next door neighbor, sincerely,

Michael SunChild 19-11-16 00:43:40

Hello, Salutations, Smiles and Cheers,

I heard your song in an movie, and I thought the song was so familiar to me. I am 50 years old and seemingly I knew every word. I looked up the song by the lyrics on the internet and was pleased to see the results of my search lead me to you. Your song, Right back where we started from. is incredible and one of the best all time feel good songs from any genre. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. Sending you a profound thank you and love of an adoring fan.

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