Rick Johnston 27-08-17 04:37:19

Dear Ms. Maxine~I love your singing and dancing very much. You are so beautiful inside and outside. I would be so grateful if you could just e~mail me. I am a huge fan of yours. I saw you on P.B.S. SPECIAL. AWESOME. YOU ROCK MAXINE. BLESSINGS~RICK JOHNSTON ~ ~ NEW JERSEY IN U.S.A.

Maxine A-Dadson 25-08-17 16:28:11

Hi Ms. Nightingale,

I recently heard your song, "Love hit me," and in looking up the song and the artist, I realized that not only do we share a first name, but a birthday as well. This was a random sweet little coincidence, and I often share that fact as my little tidbit of information during get-to-know-you games. I hope you don't mind 😁. November second for the win!

Maxine AD

Steve Buckley 19-08-17 11:20:50

I have always enjoyed your talents.

Jack Hillblom 18-08-17 01:41:03


I think your beautiful and I enjoy your songs, glad we all made it through the 70s on up. Take care and God bless. Wish our paths would cross would love to meet someone as beautiful as you in person.



Lonnie G 13-08-17 23:17:47


You always amaze me. Never give up. "Burn the boats"

Love you!


Jim Shorts 09-08-17 00:49:14

Maxine- also saw you on PBS special and love, love that song. Would you come to Midwest USA and marry me? love and prayers, Jim

Johnnie Madden 07-08-17 07:02:19

Greetings! Saw you on a PBS special. Never realized that "Right Back Where We Started From" was YOUR song! "Lead Me On" is my fave. Take care!

Tam Mullins 11-07-17 12:34:04

ved, loved, loved you at the Boilermaker post race party! You have wonderful energy and look amazing! Best of everything life has to offer.

Lifelong Fan,
Tam Mullins

Jane Norman 22-06-17 14:35:21

Hi Maxine
Went to Ealing Grammar with you. Have often visited you on Google etc. I won't forget our time together especially the party political speech you made on behalf of the Labour Party when you were 13/14 years old! Hope you and your family are well.

Love Jane x

Jim Rosenberg 03-06-17 21:49:32

The best of the best! I'm not a disco fan, your song a"Alright" is one of my favorites out of my teenage years to now!!!...
Jim Rosenberg ❤️🌹👍🏻👌🏼🤛🏼

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