Mary D. 03-02-18 01:12:25

Back right where we started from is playing on iHeartRadio

A Leafs Fan 01-02-18 01:05:45

Hi Maxime !

Your song Maxime - Right Back Where We Started
is used now all Maple Leafs NHL Hockey games - game winning song.

Greetings for Toronto !

Sharon Cailing 06-12-17 09:10:27

Wow. I love your voice and your energetic enthusiasm when you perform. Your like a breath of fresh air.
I donated to PBS because you appeared on the show singing my favorite hit!!
Keep going strong.
Your fan in Denver,Colorado
Sharon I am 62 (2017)

VALMIR LUIZ DA CUNHA 19-11-17 01:53:12

Love your songs since I was a little boy. I can feel emotion each time you're singing deep in my soul.
Waiting for a show here in Rio de Janeiro.
Love U so much!!!!

William 02-11-17 11:38:53

Hello Maxine!

Just wanna wish you a very Happy Birthday in 2017! I met you some time ago at one of your shows in Baltimore in 2004. I startled you when I jumped out of my seat to say hello to you as you walked through a hallway at your concert venue. I am so sorry for that! Anyway, it was so nice to meet you. You were so kind and gracious. I am so glad to see more your video clips showing up on YouTube, lately. Your 32 minute show in Norway from 1977 or 1978? was quite fantastic along with your American Bandstand interviews. I've been searching for those for years! Brings back so many great memories. All the best to you! ~william

Kevin Ostrowski 25-10-17 23:43:24

Favorite song of all-time. Both my daughters love it. It was great in Slap Shot. Picks me up every time I listen to it. Born in '58 and still rocking with it. Thanks so much Maxine for your talent and wonderful voice.

All my best,


Rick Johnston 27-08-17 04:37:19

Dear Ms. Maxine~I love your singing and dancing very much. You are so beautiful inside and outside. I would be so grateful if you could just e~mail me. I am a huge fan of yours. I saw you on P.B.S. SPECIAL. AWESOME. YOU ROCK MAXINE. BLESSINGS~RICK JOHNSTON ~ ~ NEW JERSEY IN U.S.A.

Maxine A-Dadson 25-08-17 16:28:11

Hi Ms. Nightingale,

I recently heard your song, "Love hit me," and in looking up the song and the artist, I realized that not only do we share a first name, but a birthday as well. This was a random sweet little coincidence, and I often share that fact as my little tidbit of information during get-to-know-you games. I hope you don't mind 😁. November second for the win!

Maxine AD

Steve Buckley 19-08-17 11:20:50

I have always enjoyed your talents.

Jack Hillblom 18-08-17 01:41:03


I think your beautiful and I enjoy your songs, glad we all made it through the 70s on up. Take care and God bless. Wish our paths would cross would love to meet someone as beautiful as you in person.



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