GARY DEROUIN 24-02-17 21:56:36

Hi Maxine
Want to let you know I seen the movie Slapshot back in 77. When I heard your voice wow. I listen to the song all the time.

vhigge 22-12-16 23:32:50



Eileen Callinan 29-11-16 10:06:35

Hello Maxine!
Love your voice and great smile! Your website is very cool! Posted your reel to my FB page! Hope to see you live sometime soon! All the best for you!
Your past next door neighbor, sincerely,

Michael SunChild 19-11-16 00:43:40

Hello, Salutations, Smiles and Cheers,

I heard your song in an movie, and I thought the song was so familiar to me. I am 50 years old and seemingly I knew every word. I looked up the song by the lyrics on the internet and was pleased to see the results of my search lead me to you. Your song, Right back where we started from. is incredible and one of the best all time feel good songs from any genre. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. Sending you a profound thank you and love of an adoring fan.

samual birkett 16-11-16 18:35:24

i was having a bad day when i was watching my favorite movie slap shot and your song came on and i felt better you rock!!!

Walter Emmisberger 10-11-16 23:49:41

Hi Maxine

'Right Back Where We Started From' is one of my all time favorites. Your songs remind me of the 70's, it was the best time of my Life.

Greetings from Switzerland

Sean 02-09-16 03:50:53

Hi Maxine,

I was vacationing in British Columbia, Penticton area and my friends and I were playing some of our favorite happy songs when we were growing up. My daughter said I played a great song on the computer - and I had no idea which song she was referring to. It turned out to be "Right Back Where We Started From", which of course was a theme song featured in a hockey movie.
Canadians, of all generations, love Maxine!

JOHN COHEN 06-08-16 18:28:50

Hi Maxine,
Can you ever remember going to Maximum Sound Studios in Old Kent Rd, London to make a demo with two trainee Chartered Accountants ?!!! You recorded two tracks "Sunny" and "Going back".
Well I cant remember what happened after and why we didn't help launch your career. I know we both thought you were great, maybe we were too involved in taking our final exams - sad eh.
Anyway I am pleased to know you are alive and well. I now live mostly in Phuket,Thailand (October-May)but come back to London in summer.
Would be great to hear from you to know if you have any recollection of that time.
Best wishes,

martin john 25-05-16 16:25:58

Hi Maxine I dont know if you remember me. We worked together in Wembley in the late 60s I have followed your career since you gave me your first record. Nice to know you are still singing I still think your Spinning Wheel was great. Take care it was a pleasure knowing you

Jahja 11-05-16 01:57:15

Greetings Maxine. I just want to say that you are very beautiful. I was looking for ' right back where we started from' on you tube because I remember the song from my youth and wanted to hear it. And then I saw you and then I .... and then I keep on looking for clips of you and play them over and over again. Greetings from Holland.

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