Detroiter 14-01-15 22:32:37

Hearing "Right Back Where We Started From", is always a treat. Being from Detroit, it falls perfectly in place with the Motown flavor and is a fantastic track. I know your song is a huge favorite still in the area! Thanks again and best wishes in the new year!

Dwayne Tweten 14-12-14 17:00:18

Was listening to the 70's station yesterday and your song played. Brought back so many great memories. I have saved it in my favorites. Thank you for such a great song.

Wimbledonian 20-11-14 18:59:27

I remember watching you on Top of the Pops in the 70s... Fabulous! Btw, I was at the Wimbledon YMCA around the same time that your dad, Ben Nightangle. Cheers!

Steve Tannler 07-10-14 06:32:54

A girl I knew back in school, "Right Back Where we Started From" was our song. She passed away recently, and hearing it recently was so uplifting. God works in mysterious ways, and your song brought much happiness among so much sadness. Thank You!!!

Ruth Greenwood 14-09-14 03:22:01

You are as beautiful looking and sounding as ever...wishing you continuing happiness!

TK Phantom Lords MC 24-08-14 06:36:25

I met you at the Eastern States Exposition, in West Springfield Mass. I was the bald headed guy in the Motorcycle Club, who came up to you after your Amazing performance, and asked you if you wanted to go for a ride on my bike.Hey I had to go for it!
Your still a "STUNNER" Rock on Maxine, don't ever stop. Your still the Ultimate DIVA!!!!

marilyn booth 22-07-14 21:02:58

Congratulations on your marriage, Hope you are well and happy. you look terrific.
I remember you singing in my house in
Scarle road, Wembley. I still have the Lp you bought me for Christmas. All a long time ago.
Best Wishes

Bill 20-07-14 03:35:09

Your voice is still glimmering after all these years. Thank you for the music, thank you for the class with which you performed it.

-a fan

Jeffrey Scott Tiedt 15-07-14 06:35:43

Maxine,,,70's and 80's to the present simply wonderful. And I must say my dear you look simply divine. All my love and always a fan. Jeff

Michael Pullin 25-06-14 18:10:38

cast you memory back to the 60's to the Starlight Ballroom Sudbury one Saturday Night, Graham Sharpe persuaded a group of his mates to go there because you where singing in a band, you where very good, way before you had your hits

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