Del Wilkinson 06-05-16 23:04:10

Greetings Liz/Maxine...Still in love with you after all these years. Saw your pics from when we were young and in school at Christopher Wren
in Shepherd Bush.Would love to make contact with you again i will always remain your first fan, your music is amazing and your pics are on my wall in my studio at home. Work for Sony/CBS
Music as Promotion Manager in the Seventies and Eighties and prayed you would get sign to us
then. Lets make contact please 647 407 3197.
Love you Lots.....Del.

Darren Macheak 03-05-16 19:30:54

Today as I rode in my car. Right Back Where We Started From came onto the radio. Talk about an uplifting song from the past. Needless to say, the volume went up, and I was all smiles. Thank You

Diane from Monterey, Californi 09-03-16 07:54:53

Hello Maxine,
It's been a long time but I'll always remember sitting at the piano with you at the River Inn in Big Sur and singing James Taylor's song "The Secret of Life…" Remember? So sorry we lost touch! I am happy to say that life is good and I would love to see you again if you are ever this way in California. You look as beautiful as ever! Your voice has brought such joy to many over the years and you continue to share your talent!
God bless you and your daughter! Till we meet again!

Grant Dunlop 03-02-16 00:19:53

Hi there Maxine, I'm a huge longtime fan here in New Zealand I love all your music your so amazing, talented and inspirational plus a wonderful role model so thank you for all the pleasure you have give and all the best.


Peter 01-11-15 06:33:36

Hi, I love your music. PLEASE release all your great albums on CD one day, including the incredible "Cry For Love" ("My Heart Knows" is incredible!)

Gino 30-10-15 06:04:43

One of the smoothest voices of the seventies or in music for that matter. A very beautiful woman who I wish I had the pleasure of meeting. Trust me when I say your music will live on in the tracks of my memories. Where there's a good memory playing in my thoughts, your music is the soundtrack.

Mike 11-10-15 18:10:31

Maxine you still Rock! I have always enjoyed your music over the years and from time to time I see the younger generations getting to know you also, keep that high energy coming ... You made many life long fans...

matt sparacino 26-08-15 03:28:55

If you're ever on the east coast in the Maryland/ Washington DC area, we should have dinner. I think we would hit it off very well..yes I'm a bit younger at age 48.



Grant Dunlop 19-08-15 03:02:04

Hi there Maxine, massive long time fan down here in New Zealand I so love all your music your so talented, incredible and a wonderful role model. Thank you for all the amazing music and pleasure you have given and still give and all the best you beautiful lovely lady.

Gates McNeilly 06-07-15 04:17:28

Hi Maxine,
I met you in Augusta, Ga at Augusta Pride last weekend. You gave a fantastic performance - you're an amazing singer and performer and you are very generous and appreciative of your fans. I love your songs as well as the Donn Summet tribute. Thanks so much and I hope to see you perform again sometime! Please come to Atlanta where I live soon!

All the best,

Gates McNeilly

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