ALFRED PETE 15-06-14 14:43:49

hello.luv your music and you.

Sam McClung 05-06-14 16:38:11

Hi Maxine!
We worked together on a project for Mark Williams in the mid-1980s. I was the orchestral arranger/producer.

Since then I've moved twice and have relocated to Nashville, TN. Would love to hear from you. Take care.

Elaine McPherson (now Johnston 25-05-14 23:33:21

Hello Maxine,
I was in the same year as Rosalind at Barham School, you were a year above us. I am so pleased you have done so well with your singing. I often wonder how Rosalind is l do remember having a nasty road accident and having her arm in a uncomfortable looking position. Take care of yourself
best wishes
Elaine x

Jim Laub 17-05-14 13:16:19

I am so happy to see you are still out there rocking the world and creating in others the love you give so freely to your audience. Sorry to say I haven't seen you perform since 2000, but I fondly remember those warm nights in Florida in '93.

All the best, with Love

Juliana 12-05-14 05:47:52

Diva Maravilhosa! O Brasil te ama!

Major Thomas R. Buchenauer CD 27-04-14 07:18:03


Dan 22-04-14 21:30:59

Happy 1970s memories every time I hear "get right back". Glad you are still performing.

Jaime Vega 22-04-14 02:03:39

I saw you at the Resorts on 04/19/14. You were awesome. Full of energy. Brought back a lot of memories (all good). Brought along a fried (who's like a son to me) he had a good time. Loved your show as well. I couldn't wait to tell my wife about your show. Hopefully, she can see you perform soon. Good lick and god bless you.

Steve 21-04-14 05:12:53

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!
I was blown away by your show on April 19th at Resorts in Atlantic City.
Maxine...PLEASE let us know your schedule because we will travel to see you again and again. YOU ARE DYNAMITE!!!

Fred 16-04-14 23:13:24

Maxine - Just returned from the Resorts. I have to say, I've never seen a performer with so much energy and talent. You had it back then, and you've only gotten better! The way you bonded with the audience, the quality and scope of your musical selections - the phenomenal dancers - everything was tops!
This show deserves a road trip!

Thank you. Thank you.
Fred Klein

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