Ruth Greenwood 14-09-14 03:22:01

You are as beautiful looking and sounding as ever...wishing you continuing happiness!

TK Phantom Lords MC 24-08-14 06:36:25

I met you at the Eastern States Exposition, in West Springfield Mass. I was the bald headed guy in the Motorcycle Club, who came up to you after your Amazing performance, and asked you if you wanted to go for a ride on my bike.Hey I had to go for it!
Your still a "STUNNER" Rock on Maxine, don't ever stop. Your still the Ultimate DIVA!!!!

marilyn booth 22-07-14 21:02:58

Congratulations on your marriage, Hope you are well and happy. you look terrific.
I remember you singing in my house in
Scarle road, Wembley. I still have the Lp you bought me for Christmas. All a long time ago.
Best Wishes

Bill 20-07-14 03:35:09

Your voice is still glimmering after all these years. Thank you for the music, thank you for the class with which you performed it.

-a fan

Jeffrey Scott Tiedt 15-07-14 06:35:43

Maxine,,,70's and 80's to the present simply wonderful. And I must say my dear you look simply divine. All my love and always a fan. Jeff

Michael Pullin 25-06-14 18:10:38

cast you memory back to the 60's to the Starlight Ballroom Sudbury one Saturday Night, Graham Sharpe persuaded a group of his mates to go there because you where singing in a band, you where very good, way before you had your hits

ALFRED PETE 15-06-14 14:43:49

hello.luv your music and you.

Sam McClung 05-06-14 16:38:11

Hi Maxine!
We worked together on a project for Mark Williams in the mid-1980s. I was the orchestral arranger/producer.

Since then I've moved twice and have relocated to Nashville, TN. Would love to hear from you. Take care.

Elaine McPherson (now Johnston 25-05-14 23:33:21

Hello Maxine,
I was in the same year as Rosalind at Barham School, you were a year above us. I am so pleased you have done so well with your singing. I often wonder how Rosalind is l do remember having a nasty road accident and having her arm in a uncomfortable looking position. Take care of yourself
best wishes
Elaine x

Jim Laub 17-05-14 13:16:19

I am so happy to see you are still out there rocking the world and creating in others the love you give so freely to your audience. Sorry to say I haven't seen you perform since 2000, but I fondly remember those warm nights in Florida in '93.

All the best, with Love

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