dan walker 15-03-06 06:07:41

Was in high school when "Right Back Where We Started From" was a big hit here America. Still one of my all time favorites. Just listened to it today. Was glad to hear you again when I turned 20 with "Lead Me On" in 1979. Just wanted to write and tell you that I got your album as a birthday present when I was 17 back in 1976. Thank you for the great music and great having you on tour again here in the USA. From a fan, Dan Walker.

Ian 10-03-06 07:37:21

No longer have the vinyl but still get up and dance to"Right Back Where We`Started From" everytime its played. I play it in the car and people think I am having a fit, they feel sorry for this old 50's something male.

Maxine Nightingale 07-03-06 00:21:41

Due to problems with the server all email between February 28th and March 6th is gone!
If you've emailed and didn't get an answer...you now know why...
please send another email.

Bill Eichendorf 28-02-06 19:03:26

Hi Maxine-My name is Bill Eichendorf. My wife and I saw you perform at the Belleville High school and at the Doo Wop concert put on by Womc in Detroit. We just love to hear you sing. You have such a beautiful voice. We were wondering if any time soon you would be coming to the Detroit area. Please let us know. You are the greatest. May God Bless you. Sincerely Bill

John McDonogh 26-02-06 00:48:45

Get right back is great, if I am ever feeling bad it is the #1 song to cheer me up, I just love it

Big Al 17-02-06 20:49:04

Hello Maxine

My pal Tommy just pointed me your way. I really enjoyed hearing "Spring
can really hangup" , you have great tone.

I play jazz (Bass) in L.A. and host a Sunday night Jazz jam session. We
get some great players and singers coming in. So if you ever get to
L.A. come on down.

best regards
Big Al
Pasadena, CA USA
(626) 437-5801
(videos are online)

Ant 16-02-06 13:25:25


I read ages ago on the web site that a jazz cd was to be released??? Where is it…..also surely you must be able to get some of her back catalogue released…come on guys you must be able to find a why to get Maxine’s back catalogue released on cd. Her fans are out there waiting.

Anthony Harden
A fan from Australia

Ps the performance link on the sit is not working

George Williams 11-02-06 22:46:50

Ms.Nightingale,last night saw a infomerical for the concerts first broadcast on PBS and it reminded me of how hearing your voice and seeing you perform ALWAYS lifted me up!! I am glad there is a revival of your great music for you are truly great! A fan forever!! George

Randy S 03-02-06 05:02:45

Hi Maxine,

We were actually next door neighbors in Malibu West on Paseo Canyon Drive.I do miss you.I am glad you are doing well and you look fantastic.How is your daughter doing?


SGM Larry Kagan 02-02-06 10:38:40

Hi Max!

I'm here stationed in Baghdad. I love your music as it reminds me of the more pleasant times growing up in Chgo, & I just had joined the Army when you hit the scene, so I often think of you! You are still the best!

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