Phillip Lacey 29-01-06 05:19:57

"get right back": is a great song and have great inspiration from the upbeat tune....makes me smile every time i hear it...and of course the movie Slapshot comes to mind.....from a teen of the 70's to my mid 40's in the 2000's


Reggie ( Club Z) 27-01-06 02:07:00

hi just a note to say hi an hope all is going good w/you an had a nice time w/you when you was @ Club-Z williamsport PA hope to get you BACK SOON an what is up with the jazz group did you get your CD/out yet keep me up on that would love to get one when it is complet
take care lots of love to you fr the Z-house

patrick pascual 19-01-06 19:31:23

Hi guys,
I am dying to find a CD compilation of Mrs Nightingale's wonderful songs. Any chance of finding that CD anywhere.
Is there one available on the market ?
Thanks for your answer.

Patrick J. Pascual 19-01-06 15:40:43

Big fan here. I wish I could find a CD compilation of Mrs Nightingale's wonderful songs. Any chance in the future ???.

Maurie Sherman @ JACK FM 16-01-06 13:37:33

We love you here in Toronto, keep up the great work! your voice and your music are great to listen to.. i look forward to each time we play a song by you!

amanda 16-01-06 00:05:13

hi! recently heard right back to where we started from on the family stone. great song and would love to see you live. any thoughts on touring soon and making a possible stop in Washington dc? hope so!! thanks!!!

phodlin 14-01-06 19:56:52

Hi this i Jeffrey hodlin and i was wonderind if you were going to tour again. If so will you come to the Warner Theatre in Torrington Connecticut usa. I really love your music expecially your song GET BACK WHARE WE STARTED FROM.

Barbara Verhoeve 13-01-06 22:10:21

hello everyone,

This is Maxine Nightingale's Guestbook, so please leave a message for her. Thank you!

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