George Williams 11-02-06 22:46:50

Ms.Nightingale,last night saw a infomerical for the concerts first broadcast on PBS and it reminded me of how hearing your voice and seeing you perform ALWAYS lifted me up!! I am glad there is a revival of your great music for you are truly great! A fan forever!! George

Randy S 03-02-06 05:02:45

Hi Maxine,

We were actually next door neighbors in Malibu West on Paseo Canyon Drive.I do miss you.I am glad you are doing well and you look fantastic.How is your daughter doing?


SGM Larry Kagan 02-02-06 10:38:40

Hi Max!

I'm here stationed in Baghdad. I love your music as it reminds me of the more pleasant times growing up in Chgo, & I just had joined the Army when you hit the scene, so I often think of you! You are still the best!

Bill 30-01-06 00:33:16

There was a 1996 Compilation issued in Austrlia, had the cover art of "nightlife" and featured tracks from her first few UA lps.


Phillip Lacey 29-01-06 05:19:57

"get right back": is a great song and have great inspiration from the upbeat tune....makes me smile every time i hear it...and of course the movie Slapshot comes to mind.....from a teen of the 70's to my mid 40's in the 2000's


Reggie ( Club Z) 27-01-06 02:07:00

hi just a note to say hi an hope all is going good w/you an had a nice time w/you when you was @ Club-Z williamsport PA hope to get you BACK SOON an what is up with the jazz group did you get your CD/out yet keep me up on that would love to get one when it is complet
take care lots of love to you fr the Z-house

patrick pascual 19-01-06 19:31:23

Hi guys,
I am dying to find a CD compilation of Mrs Nightingale's wonderful songs. Any chance of finding that CD anywhere.
Is there one available on the market ?
Thanks for your answer.

Patrick J. Pascual 19-01-06 15:40:43

Big fan here. I wish I could find a CD compilation of Mrs Nightingale's wonderful songs. Any chance in the future ???.

Maurie Sherman @ JACK FM 16-01-06 13:37:33

We love you here in Toronto, keep up the great work! your voice and your music are great to listen to.. i look forward to each time we play a song by you!

amanda 16-01-06 00:05:13

hi! recently heard right back to where we started from on the family stone. great song and would love to see you live. any thoughts on touring soon and making a possible stop in Washington dc? hope so!! thanks!!!

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