KEVIN 24-01-14 13:58:12

I like your site and the ideas behind it. I am an actor, writer and photographer and I am starting to introduce what you are doing on my Facebook page. My page is I too have an interest in film fashion and art, with an emphasis on China, Japan, and Vietnam.

Kevin J. Hughes/New York

Wapell 29-03-12 10:59:23


Ben al een tijdje op zoek naar Journey from the Fall op DVD. In het buitenland kan ik hem niet bestellen want ik heb geen pas daarvoor.

Kunt u me helpen?

Alvast bedankt,

Giuseppe Ricotta from Palermo 21-09-09 09:21:26


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Rebeka 25-01-09 17:14:14

I like your blog on the foreign movies. I posted a comment on your thoughts about Serbian movie Hadersfild. We can exchange some thoughts about it.
If there is something you do not understand regarding context of the movie particular joke or mentality, scene let me know. I would be happy to give you comment. Also if you have some good recommendation for other good foreign movies let me know.

Rick Kull 24-06-08 06:02:27

Nice blog you have here. Any chance you could give some info on Liu Panshui population etc..
Our adopted son is from there.

Jan van Strien 25-03-08 23:52:02

Meinte een boeiende tocht gemaakt over je site.
Wonderfull Greetings Jan and Corrie Utrecht.

Tim 26-06-07 00:53:52

Nice website, I'm also a fan of Asian cinema and indie/arthouse movies. Great to see that there are more people out there who appreciate the smaller things in life.

Johan 21-04-07 15:07:03

It's a nice start for a blog, but by far not extended enough (I'ld love to see more). Nice to see someone from so far a way with such an interest for this sublime culture. I'am now a fan of Zhang Jingchu, her looks are astonishing, although I am wondering if she's all natural???? (too big eyes)

Jing Yi 19-04-07 10:46:18

I love your blog so much,Meinte..hehe,most beautiful poems,wonderful pictures,great introduction about films...i love everything on it.

xueerxiao 16-04-07 10:33:09


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