Theo&Wil-Sgt Pepper 24-01-09 16:04:02

Ha Olaf, Wil was blij met de halsketting, 45 cm is de goeie lengte.
We zien ons nog wel.[vind 't voor mezelf ook wel mooi...]gr. Theo

Mark 11-08-08 19:49:27

Heee Olaf,

Gefeliciteerd met je zesde plek bij het WK in Amerika goed gedaan man.
Ik zie je de 31ste.

Groetjes Mark.

corrie cindy truus 03-07-08 22:00:58

hoi olaf we zijn je site aan het bekijken samen met je schoonmoeder best wel leuk .is natuurlijk wel een afknapper he eigenlijk is het kei leuk
colega`s van jou schoonma truus

Mike Evenson 30-06-08 18:38:04

Hello Olaf! Glad you enjoyed La Crosse, WI USA

It was wonderful to meet you. Chiara is sitting next to me at work right now and she said Will will be looking for those wooden shoes. Size 48, remember? Chiara and Will will see you in Sturgis.

Remember when we talked about shipping you a Triumph engine? I can do it!! No problem. I am already shopping and looking for the best deal for you.

Check out some photos of me and my family at:

I will be in touch but wanted to sign your guestbook and thank you once again for visiting La Crosse and attending the S&S Birthday party.

Have fun visiting the USA!


Chiara Antony 30-06-08 18:37:49

Olaf!!! I hope you enjoyed your trip to La Crosse as much as we enjoyed having you here! Will is serious about sending you a watch to customize for him...we're both big fans of your work. If you've got a small bracelet lying around let me know!!

It was a blast drinking with all of you on Saturday and I hope to see you all at Sturgis this year!!! Maybe next year Will and I will come visit you in Amsterdam!

I look forward to hearing from you again! Hope your trip back goes well!

Chiara =)

Steve Schroeder 30-06-08 18:31:33

Thanks for the drinks! Hope you had a good time in La Crosse. The bike was amazing. I will let you know what I come up with on those IPhones. Cheers!

Ger en Marga 12-06-08 13:56:50

hey Olaf mooie site hoor en hoor wel hoe het in USA gaat
groetjes Ger

peter aldenhoven 30-09-07 12:29:22

he olaf mooie website je maakt goede en leuke
spullen gazodoor gr peter

peer 07-09-07 19:07:47

Hee Olaf,mooie website en prachtig werk.Ook de pinstriping van je broer.
Gr Peer

Peer 04-09-07 22:13:34

Hey Olaf,

Coole site dude...greetings to your brother....


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