Neos34 09-03-09 01:35:03

GREAT Opel site.
Me and my Opel friend loveīs it..


Rinus 08-08-08 11:42:21

Hoi Arjan en Mariska & Kids
Heb op mijn gemak weer eens deze site zitten bekijken. Ziet er wel heel erg goed uit en is leuk om via allerlei links overal rond te neuzen. Fotoreportage over de Opelkreuzer ziet ook heel erg leuk en gedetailleerd uit. Groeten Rinus

Gert Jan Kroese 03-12-07 11:51:33

I'm the ownerof a rekord ླྀ and i'm looking for new(banana's) for the springblades on the backside of the car.Maybe there is someone who has parts or drawings which I can use to restyle the rottenparts of my car.I also want to buy a donor car,please mail me

Michael 07-11-07 13:54:20

Hehe, na een half jaar zoeken toch mijn schriftlogo rekord kunnen kopen en ook de zeldzame olymat voor onze p1.
Gelukkig dat er toch nog mensen zijn die de opels koesteren en ik was blij in duitsland een klein kerkhof aan opels te mogen aanschouwen.

Daar heb je een ritje naar duitsland voor over.

marjan silev 11-08-07 19:52:34

hello owners of the most beautiful car ever from the only ownwer of the only working opel p1 in Macedonia my e-mail is :
Iam givin my mail not for sale my car bat for frendship

Danny 04-08-07 23:41:23

I have a 57 olympia van(4 seats) for sale.
If you know anyone who is interested,send me a e-mail,thanks.

DAN 19-07-07 17:02:56

Sorry, made a mistake with last message.
Last sentence was supposed to read:

p.s We also own a good condition "1969" Opel Rekord coupe 1700cc.....etc..

DAN 19-07-07 16:59:09

Opel Rekord Olympia for sale:
My family is the owner a right hand drive 1957 Opel Rekord Olympia 1700cc. The car has been in the family since 1961 after it was imported over from Germany to the UK. Although the car does need some restoration it has been well looked after and is in fairly good condition. The car has been kept in dry storage for the last few years and has been partly dismantled. All parts are available along with spare paint and set of tools etc. We live in the UK just north of Birmingham. If you are interested in getting more information/ photos or could provide us with a sales lead please reply to this message.
(or email me at
Many Thanks.


p.s We also own a good condition 1979 Opel Rekord coupe 1700cc, a 1979 Opel Manta Berlinetta 1979c, and a 1988 Opel Manta 1800cc GT Exclusive also for sale.

m1k 07-07-07 18:14:45

Hi! My name Mr. Manit from Thailand, Iím a one of Owner Ople Rekord P1, Iím very grade to see this web side, because I have some problem for the restore my car and I want to get some information which I donít know. Ií already register for your forum new page with ďm1kĒ name and my email address is :, but I canít register for the member form your web. I donít know how to register to be your member page.

PLS Help

Thank you before hand.


Michael 23-06-07 20:49:57


Wederom weer veilig thuis en een leuke middag gehad bij het treffen in Horst. Wat leuk dat het volgende treffen een kampeerweekend is in Limburg. Tot ziens.


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