Rita S. 18-05-07 20:21:09

Hello: I love your website! In 1964, my dad bought a 1958 Opel Rekord P1 for my sister to drive to high school. I inherited it after she went on to college (& bought her own first car, an Opel Kadette), and drove that wonderful car for another 6 or 7 years. How I loved that little royal blue sweetie! My dad finally sold it when he could no longer find brake shoe replacements - he'd been making them himself out of leather scraps & cardboard, etc., because he couldn't get them any other way (not here in Kansas, at least)! Thanks for the pictures - brings back lots of happy memories.
Rita S.

andi-60 16-05-07 20:17:44

Hallo Arjan,
this is the best Opel P1 Website in Europa.
I send you Pictures from my P1.

Wirklich die beste Seite die ich bisher gesehen habe.
Weiter so, werde dir gleich mal Bilder von meinem P1 schicken.

dirk vanbesien 14-05-07 20:26:25

hallo arjan
Eerst en vooral proficiat met uw site en vooral met uw p1.Ik heb reeds meerdere malen uw site bekeken omdat de 1é auto van mijn ouders een p1 was!.Ik herinner me nog erg goed de momenten toen ik op pa zijn schoot zat en mocht sturen en schakelen!!Wat een heerlijke tijd.Ondertussen ben ik 45 en restaureer ik een wartburg 311.Het kan gek klinken maar soms droom ik dat ik pa zijn p1 terugvind en hem dan samen met hem weer helemaal opknap.Hoe langer ik de p1 tjes bekijk hoe meer zin ik krijg mijn 2takter te verkopen.Wie weet ..later misschien als ik op pensioen ben ... een p1.Alvast nog erg veel plezier.
Dirk Vanbesien

Maurice Camilleri 13-05-07 14:22:16

Hello my name is Maurice and Im from Australia.
Like your Club as my dad put me on to this.
We own a 1960 p1 Carvan. It all original condition. Never restored but in excellent condition for its age. Keep in touch.

Nadine 16-03-07 09:02:41


I'm looking for a modelcar of the Opel Record P1 (1959), two colored (white an mint) for my father. Does anyone know where I can buy it?


morgan 06-03-07 11:10:28

Hello Im looking for some "chrome wheels" for opel 59-62( same fit right?), you know the ones that looks like cragar wheels. Ive got one opel coupe 62 and one 59! Ivé seen them on many opels, I must get them, Any one who know where to get them?


Frank 04-03-07 03:13:16

I have come upon a copy of an Opel Rekord PII,CaravanPII,Delivery Van PII Shop Manual.

I am not sure of the value of this item, but it is in very good condition, missing no pages, and not soiled excpet for a dirt stain on the lower right corner of the cover.

If someone out there is interested, Please E-mail me. English please, and make an offer.

BM Tan 07-02-07 05:55:44

Greetings from Malaysia. My dad used to own a Opel Olympia 1700 in the early 60's and I really enjoyed cruising with him during my childhood days. I am trying to look for one here so I could restore into its original condition as what I had done on his RALEIGH 1952 bicycle.

Randy Olson 25-01-07 05:20:51

Thanks for posting all the Opel Rekord pictures. I lost my 59 Rekord in a fire ten years ago. This brings back lots of memories. I still have one Opel, a 69 Kadette Rallye.

moenis moukarim 18-01-07 10:12:01

Hi, i own a 1958 2 door olympia rekord its got all original except a new 1987 1.7 motor and 4 speed floor shift gear box .Its snow white and in immaculate condition ,the car is in another country and iam at the moment working in Qatar,so no pictures ,however iam interested in knowing what its worth, thanks.

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