Kosta 22-12-06 01:20:12

Hi, im portuguese and looking for parts for a opel kapitan Adimiral 64 if any one can help me thanks.

Suzanne Parker 28-11-06 01:02:44

I do not own an Opel, but my parents did in 1960 or 61. I can't remember the exact date as I was only 7 or 8 years old at the time. I do remember it being a neat little car. Very efficient, but my mom had to drive a manual. The brakes were good as I went flying into the wind shield once and cracked it. I survived. Anyway, very interesting site. Wish I could buy one of these nice simple cars again.


Jeffrey 20-11-06 23:56:52

Hallo ik ben in het bezit van een instruktie boekje van een hele oude opel record, heeft iemand intersse

scot 11-09-06 04:49:10

Hi everyone My name is scot i live in a small town in texas.I just bought a 1958 opel rekord
that has been in a field for over 30 years it is in really great shape it is a complete car the motor is locked up. The thing is that i don't know a whole lot about these little cars i do know that this one was built in germany in 58 and shiped to the u.s. in 59
the car has 36,318 miles. Does anyone know what the cars value is if i leave it stock?
if it worth a lot it will stay stock if not
out comes the the four cylinder and in will go a v-8 if anyone can help thanks

Jan Auvinen 10-09-06 22:58:59

Congratulations to a really great Opel P1 page!
I own a -60 P1 with a 1700 engine, finally got it out of the shop, after been working on it for a couple of years.
Haven't had the time to work on it so much as I wanted to, got a -67 Volvo Amazon that I use for dragracing, and it has been prio one for a few years.

Greetings from Sweden!

Janne A

Ake Unsgaard 07-09-06 20:50:57

Die Seite über das Treffen 2.und 3. September ist Wunderbar !!

Viel Dank,sagt der Opelliebhaber aus Schweden.

Big Willem 06-09-06 00:03:55

seite über treffen 2 und 3 september Marl nog nicht fertig???
So was Machen Sie die ganze Zeit dann????????

Thilly Passchier 07-08-06 22:52:09

Hoi Arjan,

Ziet er allemaal erg cool uit. Gave auto. Anne en Daan vonden het kasteel en de trein ook wel cool. Nog een fijne vakantie gehad?

Groetjes uit Noordwijk, Kees, Anne, Daan en Thilly

Alejandro 24-07-06 04:47:59

Hi everybody, now I'm finishing the restoriation of my Opel Olympia Rekord, here in Mexico we don't have many of this, maybe 2 or 3 Olympia Rekord, I only need the pair of tailights and the four wheel covers, if anyone knows somewhere I may find this parts I will be infinetely glad, thanx in advance.

This is a very good and wel organized website, the only one on the web that contains a lot of info and pictures, congratulations..

Alejandro from SLP Mexico

Max 18-07-06 15:46:45

Hi everyone, i'm Max from Italy, i'm starting the restoration of my ླྀ Olympia (coming soon pics) and i definitely need, if possible, some more pics or a web site of the green swedish Olympia totally custom (update 13/07/2006)in Customs page.
Thank you in advance for everyone can help me
Max swack76@hotmail.com 1

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