Opel spare parts Greece 13-07-06 18:41:58

Congratulations for your well organized web page.
Keep the good work and most of all keep the oldtimer spirit alive

Sincerely yours
Anthony Drosos
Opel spare parts sales / Export Manager
Tralleon 9- Nea Smyrni
Athens-Greece-TK 171/21
E-mail: alpharm@otenet.gr

alex 11-07-06 19:12:11

hello out there... do i get a id for the member area..... 19

who knows someone who is doing a good paintjob for the p1 ?

around bremen, hamburg, hannover ?

i am starting a new hoobie, i guess ....

thanx alex

If you send some pictures of your opel p1 you will become a free member of this site. You will get access to lots of technical info.

test 05-07-06 20:56:00

just a test

finally a guestbook with no adds and spam

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