Ernest 05-12-07 17:56:25

Hi patty. like your pics. Sw your post in DPR.

Regards from Zuid Africa

William Curtindale 17-09-07 00:43:42

Patty, sorry but I should have mentioned my location.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

William Curtindale 17-09-07 00:39:35

Patty, I picked your site from your post on DPreview. Enjoyed viewing your photo work (especially the portraits). Oh, yes the site in general is very well done by your boyfriend. Good luck on your move in Oct. 1st. Both of you, Keep Up The Good Work

Joe Lipniczky (Joecan) 08-09-07 02:03:23

Hey Patty, you are doing better and better in photography, wish you all the best.
Nice site
Joe Lipniczky
Winnipeg, Canada

H2Nut 19-08-07 19:00:32

Great work Patty!
Came here after seeing your post on STF.
Enjoyed looking at all the sections.
Great going..Keep it up.

Homer 17-08-07 18:45:04

Very nice Patty! Thanks for the invite. You really make the H1 sing.


Erica 20-05-07 23:42:51

Hi Patty, leuk zeg, die Site van jou.

Nur weiter so. Jullie zijn echt een kreativ stel. Succes ermee en veel plezier.
Alles Liebe von

Paul Gabler 14-05-07 21:32:58

Ik begrijp niet wat jij op mijn oude site doet. Dat je een gmailadres hebt ipv van een xs4all adres maakt me des te meer achterdochtig maar het ontbreken van een achternaam zegt genoeg. Je gaat me toch niet vertellen dat je ook Gabler heet?
Please explain.
Paul Gabler

Jim Cafferty 10-05-07 15:57:12

Good job! Patty. You Bio is short and sweet - just the way it should be. Your pictures look wonderful. I hope to see more of them on the DPReview - STF.
All the best,
Rhode Island, USA

Avi 09-05-07 09:09:16

Nice collection. Reinforces my faith in the H1. Your pics prove that it has a long way to go.


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