ingrid emck-hoftijzer 28-05-11 15:08:47

Dear readers

Please notice that my husband and maker of this
guestbook died last year, so there will be no
answers on questions or follow-ups.

thank you

Dennis 28-05-11 14:24:43

Yes, neat ideas..Also thinking of WSJT and my Signalink usb with Ts480sat..Any suggestions?

 Kevin 11-04-11 09:12:58

pretty cool, ham art/funnies hard to find!!Please send any ham pics to me at

Larry W7IN 10-04-11 06:12:06

Trying to get WSJT & SiglinkUSB working together. Need help!

Howard Lancour 27-03-11 00:33:02

Greetings. Sandman KHG3112

Claudia Emck 27-02-11 12:28:17

In memoriam: Freek Emck, 27-02-2010

 Warren 21-01-11 22:58:38

73 de AF9Q DM72CW79

 Eric NL6777 02-01-11 15:45:44

Mooie site

Succes met de hobby

Best 73's

Dick Goodman, WA3USG 22-11-10 15:46:47

Greetings from Mechanicsburg, PA.
Really like your Complete Bozo's guide to JT-64A
Best of 73!!

Dick, WA3USG

Howard Lancour 17-11-10 03:23:30


love your qsl. Ididn't save mine now i wish i did.

thank you

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