Flynn 09-09-16 07:00:18

Brilliant website, well done. Full of lots of really useful information and one I return to regularly and have bookmarked in my favourites.

Thanks for the compliment, don't forget to visit the sponsor adds once in a while, it helps keeping the site online

Donovan Edmunds 02-09-16 14:04:17

I have been an admirer of GW since 1979. It was then the best bike I have ever driven. I have not being riding for many years and believe it, I now don't want anything except a GW 1800. I will be buying it shortly and cannot wait to get travelling on my bike. I am like a child who is waiting on Christmas for all the toys I will get. I an excited, an understatement.

I realy realy can imagine that you're excited, i know i would be! Unfortunately i don't have the money for a GL 1800, but i wish you a safe ride and lots of fun!

Arthur van Bottenburg 24-04-15 09:52:22

Mooi Teus! Hier ga ik meer naar kijken, maar nu eerst lekker poetsen en een nieuwe voorband monteren

Moet je doen, ik heb de site niet voor niets gemaakt !
Groet, Teus

stewart 04-03-15 00:46:20

I need some advice. I really want to get a wing but I am 6'7" and have found I don't fit on the new ones.My long legs hit the fairing. I am looking at mid 90s wings.Can I get some feed back on what I can do to fit better?
Thank You

We have a forum for questions, this guestbook is just to let the webmaster know what you think about this website. Questions can be ask after registration on\forum

Tim Moe 02-02-14 23:20:58

Hello Teus,

My first visit. WOW, what a fine site.
I have been riding Goldwings since my first new 1977. I've had a couple dozen over the years.

Thanks for all the information you have compiled for us Goldwing lovers.

My Best,
Tim Moe
Ormond Beach, Florida

Thanks for the compliment Tim! I am glad you found us at last then
Don't forget to click the sponsor adds once in a while, it helps keeping this site online

Tell your friends about the website, i can use some new visitors!

Chuck Jones 24-10-12 21:49:41

This is a great web site! My wife and I just purchased a 2008 GL1800 and are having it converted to a trike. I have a 2010 Honda Fury, but was not fasmiliar with the Wing, so this site is very helpful.

Teus Reijmerink 17-02-12 08:36:13

Thanks Achmel for the visit!

I will await your photos then

Achmel 17-02-12 03:23:21

Hello Teus,

I found your website when searching through the web on information about Gold Wing.

I've been in love with the Gold Wing since my late teens. I've never owned a bike before but hopefully will soon. And when that time comes, I'll be sure it's a Gold Wing

Keep updating! I may knock on your door again and post photo in a couple of years

Teus Reijmerink 12-02-12 20:01:17

Thanks for the compliment Derek!

Derek Hendry 12-02-12 17:08:35

Just had a quick look round, great site, lots of info on there, will sure to be back to visit many times

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