Paula 01-09-02 22:38:11

Hi Lilianne and Renee,
Just wanted to let you know that my two babies are doing great! They have a very loving home with me. Anyone who is looking to adopt a Lilianne baby, you can not go wrong! The sculpts are so realistic and they are quite affordable as well. If you are interested in seeing pictures of my Joshua and Shelby, please feel free to email me at I love to show them off!

annie bannanie 30-08-02 21:17:34

Hi lilianne

I love your dolls.I hope to get one.I love your site.I go on it all the time.

Rene 30-08-02 20:07:27

This is our new guestbook.
Unfortunally the old guestbook doesn`t exist anymore.
To read the old guestbook you have to click on the link the old guestbook on the first page of our website.
To sign our new guestbook you have to click on "schrijf een nieuw bericht".
We want to thank you already for sign our guestbook.

Warm wishes Lilianne and Rene.

René 30-08-02 14:00:39

Dit is ons nieuw gastenboek het oude bestaat helaas niet meer.
Deze kan nog wel worden ingezien door op de link oud gastenboek te klikken.
Deze staat op de eerste pagina van onze homepage.
Alvast hartelijk dank voor het tekenen van ons gastenboek.

Groetjes Lilianne en René.

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