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Richard Weihing 08-03-17 05:27:37

J.L. Weihing 2nd Lt. 101st Airborne Div. 506th
PIR 2nd Btn. D Co.

One of the "Terrible Nine" Forward Observer for Naval Bombardment support. "a small number who completed the Army's elite Airborne School and parachuted into Normandy to provide gun fire support for paratroopers during the D-Day landings".

Jaap Vermeer 23-08-16 20:37:32

Rick kwam Harold A Baker uit Gillette,USA.
Ik heb een Fogo van hem gewonnen, grt Jaap

Margie Miller Rudegeair 29-06-16 14:16:26

I wanted to write on here because my great-grandfather Paul Miller was William C Miller's 1st cousin. My grandfather Harold Miller still has the news paper artical that was ran in the Thomasville Times. I was self was in the army for 6 years and am very proud to have a Hero like W.C. Miller in my family. Good bless all our service members and their families.

Michael Cushing, MD 29-04-16 02:00:34

Hello! I had written this site as regards my great-uncle, 1st LT John Liekhus, a pilot with the 91st BG based at Bassingbourne, England. He was killed during the mission to Merseberg, Germany on Nov 2, 1944. His plane was reported to have gone down near Barby, Germany. His body was never located. Recently, the wreckage of his B-17G, called Bomber Dear, was found by the DPAA ( Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency ), an agency of the US government. The site is an archaeological dig and is supposed to be dug in April/May, 2016. Just want to let you know about this as it might also lead to the finding of other crewmen aboard the plane when it crashed.
Michael Cushing, MD

Paul J. Cassavechia, M.A. 05-01-16 19:36:37

My uncle, John J. Suita (he married my Dad's sister) served in the Ardennes Campaign with the 38th Field Artillery Battalion of the 2nd Infantry Division. My interest was heightened in the history of the 2nd Inf Div when I met several WWII Indianhead vets in Washington, D.C. while completing my graduate degree at George Washington University. The vets told me about their participation in combat at Elsenborn, Belgium at the Battle of Elsenborn Ridge. This was a key defensive position to prevent Nazi incursions toward and including Antwerp. The Indianheads stopped Nazi advances dead in their "tracks" and resulted in the commanding general of First U.S. Army to write the Indianhead commander that what the 2nd infantry division achieved in four days of savage combat to repel the enemy will live forever in the history of the U.S. Army. Bonjour et Au Revoir, Merci Beaucoup

Mad Ranger 15-10-14 22:41:53

I am researching the 2ID for a story about my father-in-law (702nd Ordnance Company) and found your site. It has the best 2ID maps I have found to date (ref Major Hinsch)- and so much more.

Your site is great - wide spectrum - good detail and personal notes.

Among other stories, I am also researching a pilot who remains MIA following his shoot-down over Austria in 1944.

Peachtree City, GA

Ken arbaugh 24-09-14 06:55:50

Great site. My dad was in the 102, 405, anti tank platoon, mine squad.

John 27-03-14 03:14:06

Henry Grady Spencer served as a Major with the 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division. He wrote a book which you cite called Nineteen Days in June 1944. I knew him as Uncle Grady. Before the war he married my father's oldest sister, and they remained married until his death in 1995. You have done a very good job here.

Robert Gerber 03-02-14 23:43:37

Wonderful personal recollections of Jack Sherman's time in the 101st 327th Glider Infantry Division. My father Lt. Robert Gerber was in the same division toward the end of the war. It was interesting to hear more detailed information about the places and conditions.
Thanks so much.

Bob Gerber

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