nigel sheehan 16-01-11 19:06:00

What a loss to the world - I am so sorry to hear that Major Richard D Winters has passed away. I never met him, I never knew him but from the books that I have read and the story of the band of brothers, he was the biggest brother of them all and I hope that he is enjoying the reunion with the guys that fell during the war and those who have passed away since the war. Rest in peace Major. Your passing is the worlds loss

Mike Huffstutler 15-01-11 20:07:17

I enjoy your site. I have signed the papers on another site to assist in getting the MOH he has earned but was cheated out of by Gen TAYLOR.

A few years ago I had the honor of sitting down and speaking with Major WINTERS. The movie does not protray him properly. After meeting him in person I discovered he was much better in real life.

Sorry to say he was denied his Medal of Honor. Since he dies Jan 2 2011 I guess it will never happen. True to form at his request his death was not made public until after he was inturned.

Andrew J. Boyle, SSG USA 14-01-11 04:01:16

Great Site! I'm searching for information about my "Unlce Bud"(George F. Southam) who served with B-Co, 1st Bn, 423rd Infantry Regt., 106th ID. He was captured during the Ardennes Campaign and sent to Stalag IV-A & B till the end of the war. Does anyone have any informatin about the 1st Bn 423rd such as WIA lists, ect....

Best Regards

BobCooke 12-01-11 22:59:04

Your site is excellent.

I must mention my admiration for the late Major Richard Winters of "Band of Brothers" fame.

What a person, what a man, what a soldier.


Georgiaboy61 11-01-11 07:44:52

Thank you for a beautifully-done website, and the wonderful tribute to the late Richard Winters, a member of my own personal pantheon of heroes. Our world is poorer for his passing.

shirley 08-01-11 05:19:03

Thank you; thank you; thank you; Grandfather;
uncle's; nephews, brothers; cousins; neice; all have served and proud as can be; but your story is truly amazing; unforgettable'; thanks will never forget; yet always remember.

Dave Sleeper 05-12-10 19:48:59

I am now the proud owner of the pothumous Purple Heart group for F2C Arnold Napoleon Evans who is memorialized on this site. This can be viewed at:

Michael Cushing, MD 17-10-10 00:09:22

Hello! The pictures you've shown as regards my great uncle, John Liekhus, are incorrect.In the pictures, the first pic is of my other great uncle, Leonard Liekhus. In the second picture, it's Leonard Liekhus on the left and John Liekhus on the right. Leonard had flown his B-26 from France over to Bassingbourne air base to visit with John. They were going to a party on-base the day that pic was taken. Leonard told me that John was wearing a borrowed flight jacket, hence the mix-up as regards the names. It was the last time that anyone from our Family saw John alive. This was in August, 1944. Leonard survived the war and is now living in California with his wife, Jane. Sadly, Uncle Len is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. He loved flying the B-26, he felt like he was flying a "hotrod"! Please feel free to contact me in regards to the information you have. Thank you for remembering my great uncle. His brothers and sisters, and my Mom, thought he was a great guy, and he was sorely missed when he was killed in action.
Michael D. Cushing, MD

Sgt. Peter Nadeau USMC 02-10-10 02:20:32

I am Brandon's nephew and to get back to Jack Brandon Nadeau's guestion. He did have a brother name Roland who was also in the Marine Corps during WW2 in the South Pacific. He did live a very long and good life.

Jack Brandon Nadeau 18-09-10 17:12:36

Did Brandon have a brother named Roland? My grandfather was Roland Nadeau. His brother, Roland was killed in WWII while alerting others of an attack. The stories sounded so similar to ones my father told me that I had to inquire if this is the same Brandon Nadeau that was related to my grandfather.

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