Dorothy Gibson Jones 04-09-10 23:08:41

Dear Rick: I am so pleased that my daughter, Peggy, contacted you regarding your wonderful website. My mother Grace D Emberlin Gibson, was the sister of George H. Emberlin. I remember Uncle George from when I was a child. All of the historical information you have researched regarding Bastogne and the Battle of the Bulge was very moving. You personalized the 101st Airborne Division. Thank you so much for your caring heart regarding these brave American paratroopers.
Bless you,
Dorothy Gibson Jones

Nancy Lyn Roome Ball 04-09-10 21:54:46

Rick, what a blessing it is to see your site with pictures and information on my Grand Uncle George Emberlin. My mother, George's niece, gave me his purple heart several years ago. I wrote the US government to find out more information on his service and death, but their records were lost in a fire in the 1970's. Thank you VERY MUCH!

Peggy Leon 03-09-10 01:26:10

I was so happy to see this website. Thank you for taking care of my Great Grand Uncle George Emberlin. I appreciate it and I know my Grandmother would greatly appreciate it.

Dharu Pribadi 24-08-10 06:51:04

I'm Indonesian, but i like read and watch WW II documentaries specially D Day. I've been watching Band of Brothers many times and i wonder how the soldiers keeps togetherness in bad conditions. Bravo Airborne

Michael L. Barham 19-08-10 02:02:24

I just watched Band of Brothers for the second time. Two days, all ten parts. I'd like to know if you or anyone knows how I might be able to reach Maj. Richard D. Winters. I'd like to write to him before he passes from this earth. A true hero, indeed, who "served with a company of them." Please feel free to email me.
Thank you, and a job well done on your site.
US Navy Submarine vet.

Kathleen Clifton 17-08-10 02:18:36

Wow - I googled my grand Uncle George Emberlin and found your site. Thank you so much for the history and photos.

Hoyt Caylor 16-07-10 22:59:14

Thank you so much for what you have done

Dean 16-07-10 14:38:19

Thanks. Spiers..... My mind is at rest.

Chris Tucci 24-06-10 02:39:05

Great Site! I have been doing research on my Uncle He was in the 82nd 325th co. E. I have to say Adrian Hoskins story was great. My uncle never made Market Garden. He was KIA June 23rd 1944. He landed on Utah.
God bless the men who gave the ultimate sacrifice.


Don Van Vleet. Jr 05-06-10 14:21:32

Thank you so much for the work you are doing here. Everyone should remember the men to whom you pay tribute.
My Dad, Pfc Don Van Vleet, was in Germany with the 102nd Infantry Division. In an attack on Welz with the 407th regiment on Nov 30, 1944, he and Ben Montoya were by their machine gun. Ben was in the foxhole, Dad was beside it. A German mortar round landed in the hole. Ben was killed. Dad was severely wounded, but survived. Ben is interred in plot A, row 7, grave 2.
I thought you might want to share this story.
May God bless you.
-Don Van Vleet

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