margaret DeCrescenzo Simek 16-05-10 19:44:53

I came across this by accicent. My Dad was kia on 4/17/1945 and is buried there. I was lucky enough to have been able to visit a few years ago. I also have flowere delivered on Fathers Day. I want to thank you from the bootom of my heart for what you are doing. Would you have any idea how I could find out how my Father died? I have been trying for years to no avail Thank you again Margaret Simek

Peter Ciarametaro 10-05-10 00:04:48

Thank you very much for the story of Ronald Speirs of Easy Company.


Max 04-05-10 23:25:50

Hi !

Thanks for your informations about Sgt. Chorzempa,

Thank you so much, good job !

From a belgian, Max

Darcy Ryan 11-03-10 22:20:26

Oh, and thanks to the creator of this site. I think what you do is something that people should do more often. The dead deserve our thanks, for they have done more then most of us have. Just like you don't know how much you missed someone untill they're gone. my first experience with that was when I was- 10? yes, that was in 2005. November 18th, to be exact. It made me different, actually it made me more different. It is still ironic to me that the day the Pop's choir thing I was in in 6th grade and had to perform at the Mark (I-Wireless Center)was a the first anniversy of my grandmothers death. Thanks for honnoring those who may not have been honnored.

Darcy Ryan 11-03-10 21:51:16

Hi, I'm a 15 year-old girl and I was wondering if anyone knows where to listen to the glider men's song I have a speech project i am doing and since I have a good voice (as I am told by many) I would like to find the tune for the glider men's song. My grandfather was in the 82nd airborne division, 325th glider infantry. His name Mervyn Looney, and he got 8 purple hearts, though we havn't gotten all of them even though he passed away 2 years ago. I know the nameof the songs which the tune is sung to, but I don't know how to sing them. Is anyone aware of a link.

Yuri 14-02-10 22:15:50

ik kwam toevallig je site tegen.
Heel erg mooi opgezet, en mooie verhalen!
Mooi om alle witte kruisjes zo een gezicht te kunnen geven. Groeten!

Kirk Cunningham 01-02-10 06:14:30

ER18780930 10 April 1967 - 9 April 1973

Doing WWII visitation in rememberance of my father. Marshall A Cunningham. Survivor of WWII. 8 Jan. 1943 - 24 December 1945. Manilla, Phillipines U S Army. DOB 12 May 1918. Died 28 March 1997. A very PROUD Veteran raising 2 VERY GRATEFUL SONS/VETERANS.

Lois Keenan 26-01-10 19:23:16

Dear Mr. Rick Demas:
I was doing genealogy research on Carolina Kawalec Chorzempa when I came across your recent article, which was a wonderful tribute to these heroes.
If family stories are correct, Carolina's own brother (first name unknown) and her sister-in-law were also heroes. He was married to my Aunt (my Father's sister), Antonina Kawalec in Poland.
Antonina (Surdel-Skawienska),lived with her Grandmother, Mary Strycharz from the Dabrowa area. Antonina was imprisioned with her 4th child (shortly after giving birth),in Vittel, France, approx. 1941. During her imprisionment, her husband was killed in an accident when a mounted gun misfired, while serving in the Polish Home Army resistance group. Antonina was libreated and found her 3 other children and raised them on a farm. She was buried in Trzebnicia in 1989, near Wroclaw (possibly where her husband was from.) I am currently trying to find her relatives. Our parents always knew that Carolina and Michael's son Edward was killed in the war, but never anything else. They lived in the same Blackstone, MA neighborhood as Antonina's mother and father who came to USA. They also lived in nearby Woonsocket, RI in the 1930's. Edward is listed as 8 years old in the 1930 census. Antonina also had a sister Marya who stayed in Poland. My father and his brother were born in Blackstone. Thank you so much for this tribute. You have honored many soldiers and their families with your research and remembrance.
Lois Keenan

karen melia 23-01-10 00:00:13

I read your story in the Worcester (MA) Telegram and Gazette of Jan. 20, 2010. What a
remarkable young man you are and a remarkable
story. I went through your website, read what
you had researched on every soldier and saw my
Dad in every story. He wasn't at Normandy but
in Italy and happily for us, returned home safe and sound. The pictures you posted brought tears to my eyes as I have so many of my Dad
in his uniform looking as proud as these men.
God Bless you for your "adoptions" and thank you for being such a wonderful young man.

Lisa Long 21-01-10 13:14:43

I can't wait to show this to my Dad and uncle, both veterans. Thanks Rick it's really wonderful.

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