Alan Boughton 18-04-06 01:17:47

Thank you for your efforts to preserve the memory of these wonderful men and women. When I first learned of the grave adoption program during a visit to Margraten in 2003 I was so impressed. I shared this with my father, a colonel with the American 5th Armored Division in 1944, and he was so pleased to know his friends whom never returned home were being cared for to this day. Thanks again, your efforts reflect highly upon the people of your country.

Alan Boughton
Charlotte, NC (US)

andre and maggy 17-04-06 21:53:19

we also adopt two graves of heroes from the 102th infantry division, in Margraten. we watched your site, and it's a great site, we also hope that people better understand, what those soldiers did for our freedom in the netherlands.
keep up the good work Rick.
greetings from Valkenburg, limburg, the Netherlands.

Ann Landers 17-04-06 21:49:06

Thanks for letting me know about your website and all the hard work you have done keeping the memories of our loved so close to your heart.

Art Morneweck 17-04-06 21:07:35

Greart web site

Marolyn Johnstone 17-04-06 19:46:00

This is wonderful, Rick. You've done a very beautiful job. Thanks for sending it to me, and I'll be sure to share it with others. Also, many thanks for all the responsibility you've assumed at the cemetery. We are grateful!

Marolyn J.

Bucky 17-04-06 18:05:57

Currahee Military Weekend Oct 12-15, 2006

The Toccoa/Stephens County Historical Society invites you to attend our third annual Camp Toccoa Reunion and Reenactment Events. Camp Toccoa, now made famous by Band of Brothers, was the birthplace of the 501st, 506th, 507th, 511th, and 517th Parachute Infantry Regiments as well as the 460th Arty Battalion, and 596th Combat Engineers (Airborne). We will have Veterans, or their families, from all these regiments attending, along with Veterans of all conflicts since WWII. The 501st, 506th and 507th Vietnam - present day will also have members attending, as well as from the 101st, 82nd, Rangers, and most other units of the U.S. military.

2004,and 2005 photos:

Thanks !
Bucky Simmons

Linde Santana 16-04-06 23:00:54

Two thumbs up for your beautiful website Rick, it sure looks great ! It's so nice of you to make sure we all remember those long forgotten heroes who saved so many lives while they lost their own. I haven't forgotten about you, just been very busy. Hope all is well with you and your family . I will try to get you some more pictures of the house on Crane Hill now that the trees are still without leaves so you can see it better. Keep up the good work !

Guilford, USA.

Maureen 15-04-06 21:10:28

Dear Rick,
Congratulations on your terrific website! I know how hard you worked to develop it. I also personally know the great effort you have made to research the lives of the fallen soilders whose graves you continue to care for in Margraten Cemetery. You have shown great respect and admiration for all the soilders (like my dad who fought during WWII in your country with the Ozarks) who sacrificed to give us the freedoms we have today.Speaking as one American, I want to thank you again for everything you do to continue to keep the memories of these men alive.
Your good friend in Connecticut,

Mario 05-04-06 17:04:37

eyey rick =) mooie site
sorry had beetje weinig tijd laatste week...

For the Americans on the site...
Have a fun surf time on rick his site =p

haha groetjes Mario

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