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Martin Griffiths 22-12-13 19:41:00

Hey Tom, saw your post and links and would just like to say hi...
I too had a life changing accident in Bosnia
I fought all the way too like you,life is good when you think you've got a second chance with things!
We are the lucky ones,
Be positive and good
Enjoy life & stay
stay safe
Martin Griffiths

With best wishes

Denver (dencommander) 22-03-13 04:57:09

hey tom i enjoyed reading your profile but there was only one thing that i disagree with you and that is the topic of God.. For i have been a student at the seminary and i have had the chance to complete my degree in philosophy with emphasis on indian philosophy, through which i was able to understand god and the so called energy well... Beleive There is God.. We are Just a very small part of His Energy

Hans Putman 04-11-12 20:51:24

Hi Tom,
Ik heb je vandaag (04-11-12) gesproken op de para-beurs in Appelscha.Petje af voor jouw spirituele inzichten en kennis. Heb de foto's gezien en verbaas mij vanaf nu over niets meer.
Wie weet spreken we elkaar nog eens.
Sukses en lichtgroeten,

Alex 04-09-12 19:44:35

Hey Tom, it's Alex A.K.A. Styxx. Just thought I'd drop you a message to say hi!

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