BaZz 28-04-08 21:02:13

Ha Ron,

Keurig forum gebruik!
trek je maar niets aan van een enkele weinig oplossingsgerichte zeurpruim, die heb je overal.

Wellicht even het forum-onderwerp afsluiten?

succes ermee!

 Ron Vos 20-01-08 20:29:32

Dank je wel Marieke voor het compliment Ik doe mijn uiterste best om alle bezoekers een zo gevarieerd mogelijk aanbod te bieden qua info en foto's over mijn geliefde Oost Kreta.

Veel liefs van je collega

Marieke Hansen 28-12-07 16:05:57

Hallo Ron,

Ik dacht, laat ik eens een kijkje nemen op de website van mijn lieve collega.
Het is een prachtige website met mooie foto's. Mijn complimenten!

Groetjes van Marieke

Steve Rappaport 22-11-07 16:51:00

We have some photo's that we can upload if you tell me how. Yes you might say I was a hippie. I had the hair [of which I now have none} the idealism, and the drugs. There was a floating grouip of poeple who already were coming through Myrtos by the time we got there.

 Ron Vos 18-11-07 22:15:14

Hello Steve

You must have been one of the first *hippies* as we call that in Holland to travel to Crete, many of the people of your generation stayed in f.e. the caves of Matala, to escape the [img][/img] Western World [img][/img] I was born in 1959, so I know what your ideas are all about.
Please share some of your ideas and ideals with us, your and my generation had some ideas about peace and easy living, compared to the society we live in now [img][/img] it was a relaxing time.

Hope to hear from you again.

Sincere and warm greetings

Ron Vos

 Ron Vos 18-11-07 21:59:00

Dear Solfryd

I am so happy that you keep coming back to share the wonders of the mystery that Mirtos offers, Kalami is indeed a strange place to be off course it is not in Mirtos, but in the Eastern part of Crete, but every year we discover new places and share it with our beloved visitors.

Thank you for your kind reaction...

Kind regards

Ron Vos

Steve Rappaport 18-11-07 14:46:08


It is wonderful to find your site. Mirtos is my spiritual home. I first visited in 1969 for a month, living in a small house in the middle of the Orchard. I returned with my wife in 1970 and we lived there for nearly a year. We did leather work and sold it in town. The house was owned by the Pappas, a lecherous old goat who would surprise Ellie by the chicken coop and ask for "honey" The house was tiny, no electricity, and we got water from a well in the floor. We picked oranges from the tree's overhanging the bedroom, which we reached by climbing a ladder perched against the house.

We visted again ten years later, and in 1989 brought our 2 children there. It is always in my heart. I wonder if anyone out there might have been there during that time?

I would love to hear from anyone who loves Mirtos as we do.

 Arno en Baukje Vrij 12-11-07 18:51:58

Hallo Ron,
Ik heb genoten van je website. Leuk om bekende plekken weer terug te zien. Wij zijn in 2001 (ons 2e bezoek aan Kreta) in Mirtos geweest, in Villa Kastro en Mirtini. We hebben genoten van Mirtos en omgeving, hebben ook nog de kloof gelopen. We vonden het een bijzondere plek. We hebben toen nog bij Marian bij Mirtini een spaarpotje gemaakt voor de poezen van Mirtos. We hadden toen nog drachmes en hebben een verzoek gedaan aan toeristen om hun overgebleven drachmes in het potje achter te laten zodat Marian de poezen kon laten streiliseren in de winterperiode. Dit jaar waren we in de gelegenheid om 3 honden mee naar Nederland te nemen, naar hun nieuwe baasjes en een en ander werd geregeld door Liesbeth Doornewerth, van het Animalproject in Mirtos. Toeval bestaat niet?!? We zijn intussen besmet met het Kretavirus en komen ieder jaar 1 of 2 keer terug en Mirtos heeft daar zeker een steentje aan bijgedragen.
warme groet, Arno en Baukje

Solfryd 26-10-07 13:41:53

Hello Ron
and thank you again for those wounderful moments
I spend almost everyday lookin at your fantastic
site.And those photos from Kalami,they really are taking my breath away.What a story!
And for sure,we will go there next year..Our trip to Mirtos this year,in may/june was 14 days,healing our body and soul...And yes,I also ,every morning I wake up, with the rain and the storm at my window,wonder
what am I doing..But I now for sure, better times will come,and in while,we can travel with your site,and all our photos and memories,and good times in Mirtos with all the friendly people who lives there,and make every
thing so perfect..
Warm regards Solfryd and Einar
Norway,,(the sun is shining today)

linda howard 24-10-07 14:05:49

yes i agree, would dearly love to wake up every morning there! so grateful just to visit your site, and dream.

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