john clarke 13-04-10 16:55:34

My grandmother once told me that my second cousin was in the Rubettes. My grandmother was Liz Clarke and lived in Totenham all her life. She had 2 son's - Charles and Dennis (my Dad) and a daughter Laura. She died at the age of 98. I see there was a Mick Clarke but he grew up in Humberside according to your web page. Anyway, would be interesting to know but great reading up on them anyway.

Jacqueline 22-04-07 13:42:57

Hello Patricia
I`m glad that it worked haha because I wasn`t sure
Greetings Jacky

Patou 22-01-07 16:04:37

Hello Jacky!

Thank you for your message on my blog for your Good year,I'm very happy.Thank you very well.
Too I want to say Happy new year,many good things for you for 2007.
For me it's not problème,your Weeb site adresse I write in my blog with other links for the RUBETTES.
Soon I hope's Bye Bye! Patricia

Patou 05-01-07 19:16:19

Hello! Jacky

there are longtime,I don't coming on your site.
I woul'd like to say Happy new year 2007!
You know I have a blog(site)and if you want to see,I give you my adress:
You can too take my adress blog for show on your site!
I hope to see a news photo's soon in your site.Soon Friend Patou

Jacqueline 02-10-06 13:32:32

Yes i`m already Dreaming haha and your welcome
See you
Greetings Jacqueline

Evelyne 16-09-06 13:51:12

Hi Jacqueline,

I hope so too. Let's imagine there will be some other gigs in Belgium and/or in Netherlands next year where we both meet up . Think you were in Zele last July.
Thanks for the link.

All the best,


Jacqueline 15-09-06 21:17:03

Hi Evelyne yes i hope to meet you to sometime and i put the new link on the site Greetings Jacqueline

Evelyne 14-09-06 21:43:31

L.O. Jacqueline, Hope to meet you at a Rubettes'gig soon.
You would pleased to hear that a new website about Mick & Mark was born. Here it is :
There you will discover : MP3, Videos and the first part of an interview filmed and many other things.

See you,

Jacqueline 18-03-06 21:46:43

Hello Evelyn
Thank you and i`ve changed the link 19
Maybe we meet sometimes on a gig I would like that
Greetings and all the best Jacqueline 19

Evelyne 18-03-06 11:45:02

19 Hello Jacqueline, Lovely website, I like it. Also thanks for the link with our site in France. This is our new link :
Let's hope we will meet at the Rubettes' gig somewhere.)
All the best to you Jacqueline.

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