Karateka 06-02-10 01:31:06

I am quite amazed that the Gensei Ryu organization permits that kind of external as internal conflicts!!!

I have had the doubtful pleasure to visit Denmark during this winter and have watched the extensive efforts to "split" Gensei Ryu by having 2 very (as it seems) powerful schools, one is controlled by A (let's just call them A&B) and another by B. I have noticed that the difference between those two is none the lees - the same, and effort to isolate and lock out from other schools.

By coincidence I made a visit to another school where I encountered a Mr Archene who claims he has been teaching almost all the "younger" Gensei schools in Denmark. Although his schools was public schools his energy level was impressive, I talked to one of his assistant trainers that told me he keeps the contact and effort with his "master teacher" due this mainly simply reason....
He gives more energy than he take during a class, no matter how hard the class is.

I wonder if anybody else knows of this person,
his name is Archene?
also why does his original student not honor him as their initial trainer and did he in fact teach A & B and the other in Denmark.

In that case we all could close the mouth on these GRAND MASTERS that destroy Gensei more that develop and expand, as well as bring all parts together.

Sincerely the phantom Karateka.

MR 02-12-09 15:54:33

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