Theo HAMC Westport 28-08-09 19:31:22

Gefeliciteerd met het Nederlands Kampioenschap!

snake-pipe 28-08-09 11:41:35

stef and crew
was toppie in drachten.
gefeliciteerd victorie to you s.i racing team
greets snake-pipe
ride free and save, salute!!!

pascal 24-08-09 11:03:42

Stefan and the rest of the crew!
Cogratz with the Dutch championschip!!!

Karl Thiecke 11-08-09 21:06:15

The team is back from the "Bulldog Bash", and as the last 6 years that we've gone,we had a great time, if you are thinking of a place to go next year we highly recomend going to the "Bash", it's the best biker paty in europe, and possibly the whole world, the team would like to thank the Bulldog bash orgenization for allowing us to run our bike there, we have had the oportunity to test some new settings, and to get ready for the "Nitrolyimpx", in Hochenhiem next week-end, and again we would like to thank all of our friends,and supporters for comming to watch us run.
Karl Thiecke

Jürgen Halbleib 09-08-09 11:08:29

I wish our Team the best weather conditions for august in Drachten,good luck -see the Monster roll in Drachten

Pascal Simons 03-08-09 11:15:42

Stefan,Karl en crew bij deze wensen we jullie veel succes en plezier in Engeland,en probeer em heel te houden. l&R Pascal&Tjally

potige 13-07-09 16:42:58

Hey Steff and crew!!
Well done this weekend in Drachten

Karl Thiecke 13-07-09 12:46:07

Well, we're back from the 2nd round of "The Battle of the Nitro Bikes", at Drachten, and although we managed to be top qualifier with 4.88 ET @ 234kpu, we damaged a rod during the pass, because of the report of bad wheather we decided not to repair the damage at the track, and to do the repairs at American Twin Service later this week. dispite the bad wheather, we still managed to have a good time, and we are looking forward to going again in August for the Finals. The team would again like to thank all of our friends and supporters for comming to watch us race.

Karl Thiecke 05-07-09 11:11:03

Here's a small update on the Dragbike:
This saterday Pascal Simonds and my self checked all of the repairs, and new parts that we recieved from Bill Furrs Orangeburg Racing, and as usual Bill Furr and team came thru again, everthing was up to spec. and we will be assembeling the engine next week in time for round 2 of the "Battle of the Nitro Bikes" in Drachten On 10 t/m 12 July. We hope to see al of our fans and supporters there!!
Karl Thieck & Team

Karl Thiecke 22-06-09 12:48:14

#2 qualifier and 3rd place in Drachten this week-end!! and we diddn't blow anything up this time!!!
Karl Crew Chief S.I. Racing
We would like to thank everyone that showed up and showed their support.

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