FREE MOD SHOW 19-01-08 07:00:37

WITH M.O.D -Street sweeper- Bulldog courage

Wednesday March 5th 2008 8 pm 18+

cycopat 30-12-07 01:26:04

when will you arise in chic-town or milwaukee 7years have past 92'ritz n.y.,99'rave milwaukee,99'-2000metro chicago;any time soon

Vic 14-11-07 18:14:11

Do you plan on playing at Rockland State Psychiatric Hospital agaiN, I was there back in the late 80's or 90's I can't remember now due to the meds....oh well rock the red and tan lines bro.

Grobel 06-11-07 23:43:29

Regreads from Poland. We waiting....

the notman 26-10-07 13:51:59

when the hell is billy gonna shave his head and grow his goatee again? at the moment he looks like grizzly adams

mark 24-10-07 22:24:04

dude the art work is great on screwed, I saw the show at Headhunters it was awesom so is the new album

Les 19-10-07 08:48:35

I am very happy that S.O.D. & M.O.D. are still at it. I'll definitely see you if & when you come to Phoenix, Az. Rock on!!

Bro 12-10-07 23:58:52

When is MOD comming to Holland (and visit you..)

dizz 29-09-07 23:38:33

Regarding the lyrics to "Party Animal" I don't think the kitchen is their 'home page', but rather their 'home base'.. back in 1987 nobody was talking about home pages.

scott price 10-09-07 01:35:45

freakin love u guys was back stage at the chuck biilly benifit show, even gave billy a cheese burger(if thats what u can call it)in the kitchen. cant wait for the new shit!if u can check us out @ U guys are our main influence

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