mark sachs 01-09-07 00:49:34

when is the cd release party at headhunters for red, white and screwed.

roberto moyla 22-08-07 17:45:07

thanks for the great job
is a really cool page for all the fans of s.o.d and m.o.d around the world
im from chile and i will like to be in contact with you about the info of the bands thank and continue with the page bye ...

mark sachs 28-07-07 04:11:01

do you have any pictures from the room 710 show

cristian 26-07-07 20:34:28

hi..please up again the video of 1997 of s.o.d , link is broken...i never see sod live..i write from english sucks..but WE LOVE ANTHRAX AND S.O.D!!!!

The video is back again. I've had a few more requests already, so here it is. Enjoy!

Stueethedog 22-07-07 03:07:13

Awesome site! So glad I stumbled across it! I was front row at the Dynamo show ྟ. So I glad I was able to witness S.O.D. live. Would be awesome if there was a final world tour, including New Zealand!

Yes I can do the Milano Mosh!

Chad 16-07-07 00:00:29

Killer site! I love the artwork, photos, updated news, and tour dates! I'm looking forward to hearing the final S.O.D. album when it comes out. I always loved their stuff since Day 1. I'm also glad M.O.D. is back and currently on tour. The only thing I regret about that last one is that I did not get to catch any of those shows. I will keep checking for tour dates, though, to catch a show live soon.

Stephen 13-07-07 23:09:23

where can somebody purchase some s.o.d. shirts online?

Carlos 07-07-07 00:22:45

well guys, your music abackme into the reality, keep moshing...

wllmtwd 06-07-07 06:16:17

are there any live shows or mp3s out there that feature more of "bigger than the devil"? that album kills ...

sander 26-06-07 19:01:39

Megaforce Records and metal/hardcore pioneers S.O.D. will release Rise Of The Infidels, on August 21, 2007. It is an extended EP with four unreleased S.O.D. songs, plus a live concert from Seattle is included.

One of the crucial bands in the musical chain linking hardcore punk with metal, the Stormtroopers of D3ath - known as S.O.D. - were actually intended to be a one-off side project, done as a lark.

S.O.D. began in the mid-1980's during a break in the recording of Anthrax's Spreading The D1sease. What started out as a quick, satirical release for Scott Ian, Charlie Benante, Dan Lilker, and the infamous Billy Milano, S.O.D. has turned into a seminal band influencing countless hardc0re, metalc0re, and post-hardc0re bands. Their first album, Speak English Or D1e, has sold over 400,000 and remains an underground classic. S.O.D. was always about brutal satire, but done with complete honesty. Anyone who has witnessed their severe, yet astonishing live show, knows that S.O.D. is like no other band on the planet.

Track Listing:

1. Stand Up And F1ght
2. Java Amigo
3. United And Strong
4. Ready To F1ght

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