Patrick 02-02-07 17:27:06

He Sjouke,

Dit ziet er echt heel erg mooi uit!
Daar kan menig artiest een puntje aan zuigen!

... en nieuw materiaal op komst


sander waterschoot 02-02-07 00:11:36

zijn die platium cd's/vinyl en 20 jaar cd/vinyl/picture disk nog ergens te krijgen. op beurzen kom ik ze niet hard tegen.

RobbieRockster 28-01-07 19:59:12

i'm looking forward to the new M.O.D. album !!!

Tim 20-01-07 23:50:17

Just dropping by to say hi and thank you for the best site for all us S.O.D./M.O.D. fans. Looking forward to what the new year will bring in terms of available downloads

Oh yeah, any word of a new S.O.D./M.O.D. record?

Hurricane and Bullet-proof !?! 20-01-07 22:02:50

Niggaz i`ve take to much e!!!! sry our name is C.M.A. =) i`am sorry biss denn Bitches

Hurricane and Bullet-proof !?! 17-01-07 19:51:57

Ficken Bitches you suck .... thats our name you ficken Bitch-Sons/daughters !!!!!!! alright ! i look in 2 weeks and then I want an answer! You can`t do that ! S.O.D. 4 life ! Bietches !

sander waterschoot 14-01-07 22:15:24

fokking gave site, Ik als (letterlijk) grote sod fan, maak al 3 jaar gebruik van je site, ik ben namelijk zoveel mogelijk aan het verzamelen van de heren. Maar jij bent god! Godverdomme wat ben ik jaloers op je collectie. Ga lekker door. Super mooie site!


Bedankt voor het compliment!
(Thanks for the compliment)

Jason Phillips 30-12-06 23:19:58

Still the blueprint for all things that make you grit your teeth and mosh.

exgi 30-12-06 10:41:52

Compliments on a very well put together web site! The huge downloads of the full concert videos are perfect for those of us who have never had the privilege of seeing S.O.D. live (Thank god for a cable connection!!).
They are a good example of a "cross-over" band, and for those of us who get their humor, makes them all the better!
When the speak english album first came out, it was all I listened to for a long time...this site takes me back,....god I feel old!
Keep up the good work, you are a valuble resourse for a band that deserves more recognition than they ever got.
Happy new year my friend!

Matt 27-12-06 15:13:14

SOD: the best band ever! These guys made me buy my first guitar! I should record a cover track, sometime. Great site - best SOD site I found on the net. Great work Sjouke!

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