final warning 12-12-06 18:16:36

The best crossover thrash band in da world

CHARLIE GREENLER 09-12-06 21:12:00


judy boobs 24-11-06 21:19:55

luv the website & the Psychos download brought me back to the good old dazes growing up in NYC living in Queens & sneaking into L'Amours in the early 80's. Agnostic Front will be at Toads Place in NYC...hope Billy Milano & friends show up. Hardcore lives on 4 metal the perfect blend of thrash metal punk & big york thrashers 4 ever!!!judy boobs

Ron 17-11-06 23:27:53

Anyone interested in the recording from the S.O.D. concert Live at Trenton New York 6th october 1985.
If so contact me.
Great site

Marko Kibagami 07-11-06 22:25:49

Is there any way, any chance, that we would ever be able to get a copy of the Crab Society North tunes?
Cuz that'd be frickin awesome.

Steve 28-10-06 04:24:04

Your site is awesome! Keep up the great work & thanks for all the updates!

Jabroni 13-10-06 00:03:22

MOD and SOD are two of my favoite bands. About 20 years ago I had a SOD Speak English Or Die album cover poster it was full sized and full color. It got thrown away when I moved out. How can I get another one?

apache 12-10-06 21:15:09

Hi Sjouke, thanks for the great site. It would be really cool to see "War inside my head" and "United & strong" performed by S.O.D. as well as "Boardwalk blues" by M.O.D. in download section....)))

Jason 28-09-06 07:31:56



DUDE. I know I just signed this guestbook but, wow, I didn't notice the Psychos demo that was up... Ever since I read that Billy had been in a band before SOD called the Pyschos, that was one of the bands I would have killed to hear. Thankfully, noone had to die.

Jason 28-09-06 07:14:16

Wow! This site is flat out phenomenal, and the downloads are just...thank you so freaking much! I really enjoyed the ballads XDDD

This is pretty much the best possible fansite for a band you could ever want.

On the downloads, the awesome tributes (I really like the ones of United Forces and Freddy Krueger) got me thinking...Could you include in a monthly download sometime a thing with any live covers SOD or MOD did?


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