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 Lan, Zhou 27-12-15 10:40:57

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 Egbert Barten 02-10-15 06:53:08

Fijn om weer eens te browsen door deze fraaie website, mooi inkijkje in ver vervlogen tijden

Arthur Hovey 06-12-14 22:59:34

Greetings.I purchased a mahogany-sided magic lantern and some slides on eBay. It was a good purchase. I have now joined the Magic Lantern Society, UK. Arthur Hovey

Vitaly 25-10-14 17:32:06

I wanted to write poems
in Russian and in translation, but does not allow the volume of messages sent
poems in the mail. I have already said here, and I will reiterate as well that
there are such people as Charles Barten who restores old magic lanterns and
allows us to deal with the past. Thank you, Charles Barten!

 Frans Mooij 26-05-14 22:30:38

Hallo Charles. Ik las zojuist het commentaar van Hutamo. Jouw (en onze) manier van restaureren is natuurlijk niet alleen om op te knappen, maar ook om te conserveren. Roest en verwering gaan nu eenmaal niet vanzelf over. Ik moet er niet aan denken, wat er zou gebeuren als al het vuil en roest bleef zitten. Dus... leve de Brasso en Zebraline. Samen maken we er wat moois van ! Groeten, Frans.

Kitty Schouten 11-04-14 19:31:34

wat een prachtige plaatjes!
Heel nostalgisch: wij hadden vroeger thuis ook een toverlantaarn, en voor ons, als kleine kinderen, was dat maar wat spannend!
Pa, die de glaasjes er een voor een door liet gaan. Het verduisteren van de kamer, de opstelling van de toverlantaarn, het was voor ons 1 groot avontuur....
Succes met de site!!

Els 11-04-14 16:02:30

Hallo Charles,

Je site ziet er fantastisch uit en is zeer informatief. Ik heb grote waardering voor iemand die zoveel tijd stopt in het bewaken van ons erfgoed. En ook de restauraties zien er indrukwekkend en deskundig uit. Ik ben het dus niet eens met de vorige gast.

Tot ziens en groet, Els

Erkki Huhtamo 24-03-14 18:44:26

Dear Charles Barten,

I hope you were not insulted by my comment. I know you are a true magic lantern enthusiast. However, the picture you added to my post really confirms my point. The lens tube on the left has been restored, with the original paint surface cleaned and the brass front complete wiped, destroying the original patina which was left in the found object. I REALLY prefer the unrestored object on the right, with its history still present, visible and tangible. My over 200 rare magic lanterns are all in such original historical condition.

All the best,
Erkki Huhtamo

It is not my habit to respond to comments in our guest book, but in this instance I would really like to make an exception to the highly regarded opinion of a fellow collector, Mr. Erkki Huhtamo.
And I would like to start by saying that I, as I said, have a high opinion of his comment on restorations. After all, I do not possess the wisdom, nor the power of persuasion of “being right”. And that is just pleasing seeing that there can still be so many surprises and discoveries to be had in life.
Let me then, Mr. Huhtamo and as to all other readers of this guest book, explain this happening in my humble opinion.

Besides magic lanterns I also collect antique pewter and Retablo's. On these Retablo's I only use a soft brush, and on the pewter a soft cloth. And once every two years or so, a very thin layer of acid-free beeswax. This is to protect the paint and the patina.

But with a magic lantern it is, for me then, a very different case. Yes, I clean the stains and rust spots away, and if the iron requires it, a little acid-free oil or wax, applied with a soft cloth, or one or more layers of stove polish. If I, for example, have to make a new chimney because of the absence of one, or due to irreversible damage, I use a dull high temperature aerosol, which I then lightly spray on to display the old look, as can be seen on our site. This is to make the lantern complete, if necessary that is.

My motivation is as follows: You will not see, for example, any antique Mercedes, Citroen or Chevy on the road or showroom that is incomplete or covered in rust, the chrome totally gone and the lining broken and/or torn. Oh no, all those cars are meticulously stripped and rebuilt as new. And rightly so. How else can you see the beauty that lurks behind a pile of rust! And this goes for old or antique steam engines, fairground rides and so on.

I want to show the glory of the magic lantern to our progeny as it once was.
That there are disagreements about this, are fine, but I prefer my lanterns to be ‘beautiful’ for another hundred years to come, instead of them slowly rusting away and lost forever. But again, this is my feeling. !
Charles Barten

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