Erkki Huhtamo 20-03-14 02:37:44

Thank you for this website! However, as a long term magic lantern collector myself I must say that I think you are often exaggerating the restoration of these magic lanterns. It is a matter of opinion of course, but I personally think that for example unnecessarily polishing the brass (removing the lacquer) destroys the "aura" and the history of the object. I would never do it for the magic lanterns in my collection. It also diminishes their value. So please: think hard before you start painting and polishing the next one....

Best regards, Erkki Huhtamo

Olga 26-02-14 21:00:29

This is a very useful and inspiring site. A wonderful place where you will want to return again and again))

 Vitaly 16-02-14 21:27:17

I live in Russia, but thanks to this site I have acquired good Laterna Magica.
In Russia the word Laterna Magica has long gone out of use, and if the people and interested in projectors, as a rule modern. But how nice to look at old slides through an antique optics, many of slides painted, photographed and painted with great love.
Very good that there are people like Charles Barten, who be conserving and restoring this heritage of history.

 Egbert Barten 05-12-13 07:30:09

Mooie website Charles!

Dale Hertz 01-12-13 18:57:17

On the projectors page, it would be helpful to list the brand names of the projectors with the pictures. This would aid in identification.

Nancy Barten 27-11-13 07:40:23

I just had a look at the "Early Cinema" from the 24th of November 2013. And I can see the hard work that has gone into restoring these lovely pieces, which has made them even more of a treasure. And I have to say, I admire your patience and dedication, and most of all, your passion, with working with each and every one of these lovely machines. )

liz Cooke 07-11-13 15:22:41

Hello,We have inherited a box of lantern slides and would like to display these in a light box. But would a modern light, on continuously for some hours, fade or damage the slides?Any advice much appreciated.Liz Cooke

Hans Kappetijn 24-09-13 17:58:12

We have looked at all of them!
Some were quite humorous and some educational for the time.
We appreciate your enormous effort that has gone into this and how you have brought it to the public through modern technology.

Best wishes from
Hans and Bertha,
South Africa.

 Pierre Patau 24-09-13 17:02:52

Thank you for a most entertaining and fascinating report of your visit to the Dubai Moving Image Museum

wilbet van den bosch 06-08-13 18:44:22

Deze site toont met veel zorg de mooiste platen. Uit hetgeen ik onder de tab "restauratie" zie, blijkt de passie en toewijding waarmee de collectie is vormgegeven. Mijn complimenten!Volgens mij is er in het mooie stadje Sloten een toverlantaarnmuseum. De moeite van een bezoek waard.In Spanje is een fantastische collectie fotografica te zien in de stad Gerona, waaronder toverlantaarns; Londen heeft het Science museum. Ik wens jullie veel succes met de zorg voor en conservering van dit cultuurgoed!

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