Dan Bouvier 24-05-12 21:55:37

I have a 1952 M38A1 , 12 volt , with the Dauntless 225ci .
I'm from New York State in the US.

 Mark 09-10-10 13:40:30

Hallo Gert-Jan,

Erg leuke en informatie website.
Goed om te zien dat je even enthousiast met de jeep hobby bezig bent.



Kim Downey 29-01-10 19:44:41

Great site. As a child (1950's)we had a 1949 CJ-3A in which I learned to drive and later a 1962 CJ-5 civilian model, both still by Willys. New ones are junk in comparison. I would have liked to have an original WWII Jeep like the one I saw in Normandy in 2006.

I have moved up to 3/4 ton pickups with diesel engine now.

Thys Roux 05-11-09 15:17:51

Just found your site today and I will return. Very interesting and lots of stuff. Keep it up! I own a CJ2A 1946 Serial Nr: 13212 but I want to own an MB, very rare here in South Africa!! Regards Thys.

Todd Gray 17-06-09 23:49:42

Hi Gert-Jan !!

Great website, a lot of info. !!!

 Leon Heynders 30-04-09 04:26:48

Hallo Gert Jan,

Mijn complimenten voor je website, heel informatief. Ik ben in juni 2009 in Roermond zal mijn ogen open houden en voor een jeep uitkijken
Groetjes Leon

Kevan Watton 29-01-09 23:59:51

Excellent site very informative.

CW KILGORE 27-01-09 05:08:28

Awesome site - great job. Someday hope to have willys MB.

Paul Albers 03-12-08 19:25:17

Great site. Plan on using it and its links while restoring my '44 GPW.

MVPA 15686

Kristoffer J 30-10-08 00:04:23

Nice site! !

Just got a 1949 W-O Pickup

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