bill stanley 26-10-08 09:23:12

Ive got a willys mb which ive had for 30 years it was made in 1942 with a script tub i bought it in 1978 it came off the otterburn moors in 1969 where a farmer had bought 10 after the 2ww when he couldnt get spares he started to cannibilies the others to keep 1 running.Then land rover came in the early 50s and it was easier to get parts so he dumped the jeeps this a very interesting site may it continue

Pete 24-08-08 05:33:44

I have just stumbled upon a '44. I'm thinking about the purchase and the restoration. Can you give me a clue as to what I should be looking at and an idea of what to offer. I've never even looked at one of these before. It has been stored for the past twenty-five years and reportedly running at the time it was stored. It shows no cancer and appears to be all original. Where and what numbers or plates should I be looking for? After about an hour looking at your site, I know I will be back for more (lots more) information. Your descriptions of your restoration process are very similar to my own experiences when I restored my 1973 Type 181 VW "Thing" (the German Jeep want-to-be). Thanks for sharing

Sven Kunkler 06-06-08 16:29:42

Hello Gert-Jan,

nice page! I donīt know how to contact you by email, so I try it here.
My old homepage is down:
Link on you Page: WWII Jeep (D)

My new homepage adress is:

Kind regards

frank porfidio 21-03-08 22:11:57

nice site! a lot of info packed in one spot.keep up the good work. frank long island new york

Archie Willis 15-03-08 03:33:38

Great info and very much appreciated. All of your hard work has kept me busy and informed. I have a 44 MB, friend has a 42 GPW and another just picked up a 42 MB. All are used for living history, reenacting and just plain fun. Thanks for creating such a great site!!! Archie ,South Carolina, USA

David A 15-01-08 18:28:45


Thanks for creating such an informative and fun site. I will be surfing your pages for awhile. Keep up the Jeep spirit through information.

David A
Millbrae, ca


Ben Weely 17-12-07 20:47:05

Hi there,

I've said it once and I must say it again, Together with the G503 this is the best site!
Go on with this work

Thank you!


Tom Lux 17-12-07 18:17:17

Great site, I linked to you from a G503 forum posting. I'll be back, T Lux

Jon Franklin 17-12-07 09:01:57

Thanks for all the links and great site, am looking forward to really checking it out, keep up the good work.

mike 17-12-07 08:00:45

great site lots of great info.

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