Martin Pitts 07-12-06 21:05:57

This is a very good site. Thanks for providing all this usfull information on one great site.

This is my favorite.


Javier Ros Tur 15-11-06 20:32:14

Great page, with lots of useful information and entertainement, Ive linked it in the Spanish Classic Jeep Club forum (, so other colleagues can enjoy of it as much as I am doing.
Many Thanks for this fabulous compilation.

Javier Ros Tur
Ibiza, Spain

Dwayne 11-11-06 21:42:32

Heey Gert-Jan

Mooie site hoor..
Ik wil binnenkort ook eens een site gaan maken met mijn wo2 verzameling.. (voornamelijk US en ik wil ook foto's ed. gaan verzamelen. Ook zoek ik met mijn detector)

Dwayne (Uit Herkenbosch )

Pete Mozzone 12-10-06 01:57:31


Very nice site with many interesting links.

I enjoyed viewing it and hope I can find it again in the future!

Pete Mozzone
Willys Overland Jeepster Club

Per Eric Swaerd 30-09-06 10:07:39

Hi Interesting site ! I'm desperately trying to identify my Overand windshield appr. 1917-23 90T.
Got a picture . Could you help me please, or at least give me a clue where I should turn to .
Mail me, and I'll bring you my photo.
Per Eric, Sweden

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