tete 07-02-11 03:13:43

Thank you so much, for your dedication and your time.

The Gizmo 63 17-07-10 14:05:54


I was happy to find Manu Dibango's Afrijazzy. When I tried to download I was notified that the file is not existing anymore. I really appreciate a re-upload.
Many thanks and kind regards.

Jekul 15-07-10 06:01:23

Hi.. I'm try to find Lucifer (Margriet Eshuijs) albums then lead me to your blog. Thanks for sharing nice & rare collection.

I wonder if you could upload complete Lucifer's albums since I can't found it anywhere in this world.. theyr reminds me of my childhood at Java

Thanks again..

Jim 23-02-10 19:05:50

Mooie blog wel een paar links werken niet.

Zou u Margriet Eshuis opnieuw voor mij kunnen plaatsen.

Dank Jim.

larry 14-11-09 01:56:14

thanks for smiths queen is dead. smiley face.

Carola 01-11-09 17:58:22

Thank you for the music... great selection !!!

nik 14-07-09 13:23:51

Hi,don't know if u'r still active here, but i really appreciate the wonderful-wonderful music that u shared. many thanks again.

creepyshadow 07-07-09 13:51:46

tyvm. i a enjoy a your a comment too. i go now. byebye.

Jaim Retief 01-04-09 03:16:16

Keep it up man!
I'll be a regular visitor.

gabriela 01-01-09 07:19:11

Thank you for all the precious music!

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