CaptainCrawl 24-11-08 03:41:54

This blog is now indexed by (a very nice music search engine). Thanks.

Shango 24-10-08 16:28:00

Nice choice of classical music. Keeps the music library in balance Thanks for the effort and the bitrate!

Rafa Defillo 23-10-08 13:40:45

An excellent selection in all type of music. A wonderful blog.
I really appreciate your discs.
Thank you for that.


steved 10-09-08 15:46:52

Fantastic and eclectic selection

Robert 20-08-08 18:22:44


Very much appreciate the variety of music . . . and particularly happy to find some classical gems mixed in with the wide variety of more contemporary music from around the world.

Keep up the great work!!

Peter, Prague,Czech rep. 16-08-08 01:08:48

Dude, great blog and awesome selection!!!!
Thank you very much!


Jeff from New Jersy 17-07-08 10:00:15

Thank you for all the great tunes...and such a wide and varied selection! Awesome!

Felipe 15-07-08 00:43:45

Thanks men...Chido Pato Kaliman from Mexico City, again Thanks....

Patti 08-07-08 17:44:52

What a wonderful blog you have created!
I have taken your recommendations to heart. Many, many thanks for all your efforts and especially for Van Morrison's masterful music.

Austral Alien 06-07-08 09:33:55

Great Blog. How's the smog in the Netherlands. It was bad when I was there in 1986. It must be worse now?
You can't upload a couple of Dutch rarities - the O.P.M.C. album or the first Earth & Fire album on Nepentha can you?

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