matteo 25-06-08 22:56:51

thank you for all the adds.
great selection!

Victor 25-06-08 21:49:01

Thanks for sharing music, good jazz selection,Greetings from Mexico

Aalex 12-06-08 10:44:33

Just saying thank you very much for the sharing of culture. Very good choices in my opinion.

ZAASA 08-05-08 19:55:42

hey there 'jajaah'. GREAT blog!!! u have the most exquisite taste in music and it's so diverse! love it. I wonder if u have Seal's album system upped on BADONGO, including the live versions of songs he did in Germany, like crazy. if u do, pliz post the links as well, otherwise great work.

el 24-04-08 08:42:29

Ben nieuw op je weblog.
Het is fantastisch !

Bedankt voor je reaktie
Ik ga een poosje op vakantie maar over een paar weken komen er weer nieuwe (klassieke) muziekjes. Yonnor

I'am on holiday for a while. Later more ( classical) music.

Marcelo 02-04-08 02:52:22

I requested for Lethe some weeks ago, because Badongo never works for me, but I see there are many people downloading with it. Is there any password or something to make it works?

No , no password or anything. Just click, type code as given, and then
download. I have no problems with badongo and most of times it works correct.
So i'am satisfied with badongo.
I don't know why its not working for you ? Others like rapidshare , zshare
works fine ?

ivan 17-03-08 04:57:02

thank's for this album

mezenga 25-02-08 20:55:43

Thanx a lot for all the good music.
Keep the good working.

THULANI 23-02-08 21:42:32

I'm actually looking for reggae riddims,may
be you can give me some pointers.Thanx

THULANI 23-02-08 21:41:35

I'm actually looking for reggae riddims,may
be you can give me some pointers.Thanx

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