stehphen 05-02-08 23:21:09

absolutely fantastic, and not only for the friends of popular music. Thanks

(and the best: not rapidshire)

Tom 03-02-08 06:28:56

Thanks so much for all the music. I stumbled upon your site 20 minutes ago, and I've already filled up my hourly maximum on Badongo.

Viele Dank!

aydın 01-02-08 13:13:09

really great blog. thanks for all that great stuff. what a treasure..

Mortis 28-01-08 04:16:50

Thanks for your great Blog. Kudos for all the hard work. Greets from Los Angeles! Peace-out.

Max 06-01-08 15:14:11

Hi !

Thank you !

"May the force be with you"

From Belo Horizonte City - Brazil

Ego Kornus 01-01-08 21:38:35

Hi Yonnor ik heb je blog door gespit en ben verrast en blij met de smaak die je laat zien.
Mijn interesse ligt in de klassiek en opera dus dat zou fijn zijn als je in deze lijn continueerd!
Groeten uit Buenos Aires
Aangezien je geen spaans spreekt of leest heb ik maar in het Nederlands geschreven

Lissy 31-12-07 22:58:58

Hallo Yonnor!
Ich wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie ein gesundes und glückliches neues Jahr 2008! Vielen lieben Dank!!
Auf ein baldiges "Wiederhören" freut sich schon sehr

Rover a Dog 19-12-07 03:44:16

Thanks and Merry Christmas

Carlos Alberto 19-12-07 02:42:04


This is to wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and a New Year full of good things and realization. This is extensive to all your beloved relatives and friends in your city and country.

Carlos Alberto Lopes
São Paulo - Brazil

Pop She-ra 16-12-07 05:39:14


I have a blogroll. Maybe we can link our sites.

If you're interested, leave me your link and put mine on your site.


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