Ken Balloone 18-08-15 16:46:56

Thanks for keeping the MOD hate tank rolling!-Kenny Ballone Original Bassist for M.O.D. - U.S.A. for M.O.D.

John 20-06-15 15:54:17

Hey, do you have Misfits audio from June 28, 1996? If yes, any way to trade for a copy?

Jos 05-06-15 14:45:27

Great website! Very detailed and complete. Superb!

Gus Deibe 21-03-15 18:22:51

Great site for a great bands. Congratulations from NW of Spain. See u at Resurrection Fest 2015.

Bryan Schuessler 31-12-14 23:04:00

Could not believe I have not known of your fansite until today! FUC*ING incredible website! Thanks for posting all the downloads of live shows and shit! Also got so jealous looking through all the releases, bootlegs and demos, all pictured.

Tim Slosky 04-12-14 01:24:46

I just wanted to thank you for this website and for the bootleg downloads. I've been listening to Method of Destruction and Strormtroopers of Death since I was a teenager (I was born in 1976) and I just can't get enough of their music. I do hope Billy reconsiders doing one more record with Scott & Danny. Billy you da man!

NANU NANU hes really dead now

mr angry 15-07-14 02:02:27

crossover from what? s.o.d. was always punk- these cheesy ass labels man, peace out. death to the world just for smiling while people die

allo serrurier charenton le po 06-06-14 17:37:22

veel geluk en felicitaties voor deze geweldige site!

Steve 19-05-14 02:41:16

Wow, what a great site! Love the live stuff!!!

Josh 29-01-14 00:49:31

Keep rockin' guys. I GOT THAT OFF!

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