peter 30-01-12 10:29:11

i loved your music since it came out really a big fan until i heard your macho shit about the war and about a performance in germany!!
what kind of narrow minded bullshit is that?you weren't there yet so how could you win or kick some ass????
if you hate germany that much don't go there to perform!!!these were fans that came out to see you and you talk about them like that,great way to deal with your fans!!!
btw i'm not from germany so keep you pants on

Rick Dominguez 12-01-12 20:12:04

excellent fukin site ....i wish there was a merch. page though

Louis W. Consolato 09-12-11 04:53:12

Love All The Stuff, I Have Most Of The SOD Downloads, Even Made Color CD Covers For My CD's.

Originally From NY Living In Texas, Grew Up With "Speak English" In '85 When It Broke Out. Thanks For Your Great Website.

Would Luv To Purchase A Sgt D. Doll??

Louis W. Consolato

Claude Flowers 20-11-11 06:42:06

Thanks for the excellent website. This place is like a museum! Much appreciated.

Sean 01-09-11 06:47:08

I am missing the best ever croosover/hardcore band ever.Though M.O.D or S.O.D never made it to Australia, I just wanna say THANKS for all the listening pleasure over the past 23 years.Now my wife loves M.O.D, probably as I play it all the time.Anyways cheers Billy.P.S If you ever have the chance, come downunder to visit us Aussies. Play a few shows, I'm sure the Australian fans here won't dissappoint.

d 14-08-11 01:20:30

cool site thanks

Bill 09-08-11 16:54:14

not sure why i havent run across MOD and SOD any sooner than i have( w/in the last 2 years). Great music to say the least! Thanks!

Jeff Sleep 28-07-11 04:39:40

I'm a fan since 86, Still a big fan!

Paul 25-04-11 15:51:59

Up the Sod/Mod army! Coolest mob ever.

david butcher 15-04-11 09:13:23

In the late 80's I got the record listn 2 it once let someone borrow it never got it back aaarrrggghhh .But never could get S.O.D. M.O.D. out of my head or find the albums THANKS FOR MUSIC & THE TOUNGE IN CHEEKNESS

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