SES 22-08-10 23:51:43


BlR 16-08-10 11:16:21

Hi, where can I find the lyrics of "Stand Up And Fight" song ? ThX

fan 13-08-10 05:56:24

fan If you have a s.o.d. show this or next year i would like to see you.

clem 30-07-10 13:55:18

You do an amazing work on this site, thanks a lot for this excellent place on the web.

I hope you will keep it alive as long as possible !

David Black 06-06-10 03:22:59

Set up another tour and come to Portland Or. !!!!

Tony McMahon 22-05-10 05:45:04

I remeber seeing both bands in the 80's. S.O.D. at the La'mor In brooklyn . It was worth the 2 hour drive From PA to See them. And I saw M.O.D at the Airport Music Hall in Allentown PA ,Close to my home town, with Exodus. I got kicked in the head (stage diver) and it was still the best mosh concert I ever saw in my hometown area. ThankYou all for the memories.

Jonathan Taffe 14-04-10 04:05:20

Hi whoever,
I had the 'Speak English or Die' album back in 86 or 87 and love it, I also had an MOD album really liked that too. I would like to get my hands on a Video DVD and those 2 albums I had back in the late eighties. I also had the decades of agression album by SLAYER really liked that one too, but I liked the South of Heaven album more.

Cheers Jono

angel wegley 20-03-10 01:37:42

my boyfriend played this for me and it rocked!

Eran Fox 15-03-10 22:07:01

Hello there,
I remember that at the time,
Bill Milano said that S.O.D. will perform every 7 years .
When was the last gig?
Do you think they will go on stage again?
I think they should come to the middle east...
Best regards,
Eran Fox

your worst nightmare 13-03-10 18:39:25


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