Chris Myers 12-06-09 23:23:12

Awesome website. Love the downloads, keep it up!!!

Zittesje OnDeug 04-05-09 23:41:15

Nieuwe layout ziet er zeer goed uit. TNX 4 the link!!!
Grrr. Jo "Lilker"

Susan Atkins 18-04-09 14:15:11

Your music better hope you never come near my town....and i mean it.

Freakzilla 16-04-09 01:48:10

HOLY CRAP! Can't believe you guys are still rockin. you rule! lol keep up the good works! Rock on MEN!

Adam Vyhnal 24-03-09 16:33:52

Hey bill hit me back up, I'm the one back in 88 that took you to the hospital, to get your eye stitched up, holly and I to be on point, you played a club called September's in Bedford,Ohio...........Hit me back.......Still Love the Gross album!!!!!!!! Adam...........

PIST 03-03-09 19:25:30

This is a Killer web site !!! I am a newbie on here and will be back for sure and tell others of the hard work you put in dedicated to the greatest 2 bands backing up the Man !!!
Cheers ...

Dan13 18-10-08 14:54:24

Top work dude! Great to see Sgt. D is still marching! Keep upholding the law!!964p4

james 18-09-08 23:44:09

hi there u shud put up for download crab society north demo and more m.o.d shows with dont feed the bears

Arno 03-09-08 23:10:42

Greetings to you all! I just discovered this site and I have one only word to say : EX-CEL-LENT!

Nate B 14-08-08 18:25:35

Just wanted to say thanks for the years of great music a minute and a half @ a time guys. Been listen to you guys since 85 and just introduced my 13 year old nephew to you guys. Dont feed the Bears!!!!

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