Tracey/ from The Sterling 10-08-08 21:48:32

Saw ya Aug 9 @ Sterling....have alot of really good pics on myspace page...will send them if you'd like....loved seeing you look fantastic!

David 01-08-08 11:41:39

Yoooo S.O.D. i was wondering if you guy might come back together one day, can you tell me?
Cheers from Holland!!!!

W666 29-05-08 13:01:35

A BIG respetc to your job!
Hails from Poland!

Paul 10-05-08 14:27:57

Top riffs, top fun!!! Thanks lads for the quality time I've had listening to your stuff!

The Master 02-05-08 21:13:00

Nice work guy! I'm a damned S.O.D. Banger since 1987! From Italy a big, big "Speak English Or Die!!!"

Chazzie 30-04-08 05:06:54

Dude..Check it 15 year old daughter has been into metal now for about three tears and I Always freak her tonight she comes down into the computer room and Asks "Dad do you remember MOD from your days?" I start rolling with laughter,as she gets this puzzle look on her face.I took her by the hand and we went digging and pulled out three tapes i still have. Too Kool =) Old Skool till the end Peace "The Chazz"

Fabs 04-04-08 15:26:14

Very cool page, very nice stuff....

too bad s.o.d. is done, but u keep them alive

greetings from germany

Oscar / Nawel 18-03-08 15:42:26

Is nice to see my name in the Interviews section (year 2002), specially if dudes who know me since we were kids still call me "Milano" every once in a while. He he.

Cheers and congratulations for the site.

James 09-03-08 02:06:50

Hey everyone im James and i just wanted to say hi to all the metal heads out here and this site is totally kewl and im new to this site i love method of destruction and im looking for local metal heads just like me im in Tx so heres my email so plz email me and well go from there k well thats all i have to say for now so take care everyone and i will be on here again later

metalmystic 26-01-08 20:59:56

Houston Texas needs some M.O.D. I will travel from my island to Houston to see you guys. I will even take my 5 teenage sons to educate them and like 15 more of our closest friends!

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