mark 25-06-07 23:14:35

ill see you @ room 710 and san marcos so i can bring the next generation of milano moshers

mark sachs 20-06-07 00:23:32

how do i get more info when you come to austin. i am a week late on knowing about the headhunters gig

Click here

rohman 17-06-07 09:53:20

i want to get some merchandising like tshirt,cd,all product.
thank you

the NOT man 16-06-07 10:21:49

what up..first of great site really enjoy the downloads of the month,which is why i agree the mod-mad who posted below asking for you to put up the first ever MOD show again to download.
anywho take it easy and whats up billys "look" he looks like grizzly adams older brother,he he cya

Spanish Fan 04-06-07 01:40:48

New cd of S.O.D.??? AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!!! Thanks Bill, you're mi god!!!

Javier Torres Heredia 30-05-07 06:35:05

Excelent place... i listen SOD when i have 13 years old, here in my country Chile i receive an a pirate copy in tape of the infamous and kick ass record Speak English or Die... i still a very big fan of this great band (29 years old now) ;-)...

Stay Heavy

Eduardo Giancristofaro 28-05-07 22:06:04

Hi, I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Just to tell you that your website is great, and SOD is one of my favourite bands!

It´s great to know that SOD will release a new CD on August. Can´t wait!!!

Keep the great work! SOD forever!!!!


john { Jakk Mustaine} Finnefro 27-05-07 18:07:12

M.O.D. is the best band in the world

mark hill 18-05-07 01:09:18

S.O.D. and M.O.D. Rules !!!!!!
how can i find the M.O.D. cd's

Ernesto 16-05-07 06:32:37

Saw MOD at The Stone in SF back in 1989, where can I get the SOD DVDs?
Hailz from Mexico City!!!
Keep the site thrashing!!!

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