Rob Basham (RobKong the SmashL 09-05-07 21:42:48

Both M.O.D. and S.O.D. rule. The first time I was exposed to this power was when I heard "Milk". I loved that song. I got a lot of songs from this site and I just have to say: thanks Billy Milano and Crew!!!

ron trip edwards 04-04-07 08:33:39

saw in rochester ny 1989? at back streets downtown

Kinrus 31-03-07 19:39:28

Somebody tell Billy he should re-record Spandex Enormity in honor of Rosie O'Donnell.

Jo "Lilker" 26-03-07 12:31:32

Hi there,
check it out: Z.O.D. ( and S.O.B'D. (
Are there more S.O.D.-tributebands????

xABOMBx 18-03-07 20:01:54

S.O.D changed my whole guitar sound/playing style ever since the release of the first album "Speak English Or Die" back then I had it on one of those round black thingy's we called records. lol
To this day they are still one of my "Top 5" all time influences.

Remorse 02-03-07 17:47:22

Ej bedankt voor het toevoegen van onze nummers.

Gr Remorse

Tom 22-02-07 21:37:45

Amazing Site!!! Great JOB mate. Greetings from Poland. TOMnull

buzzardbutt 21-02-07 06:08:49

hey, I love the simpson style art on bigger than the devil.
Made me laugh, and so did the lyrics.

Robin 15-02-07 13:51:57

Great site - keep at it!
If Billy reads this...........Come and play London yer fukin twat!

Been listening to MOD since day one and never seen em live.
Once can only dream

dirtyflox 09-02-07 17:20:57

Hi suckers! this site kick ass, represent real thrash musix. UNDERGROUND FOREVER TRUE! PS= What happen to Anthrax?

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